Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year. A New Word.

Today we have arrived at New Years Eve.
In remembrance of a whole year that went by.
Celebrating the end of 2010.

At the end of 2009 we arrived at the New Year
with a year ahead knowing it would be full of changes.
Our hearts were anxious,  
and searching while
learning new footing.
Instead of resolutions, we dived into the everlasting love within our faith.
The word for this last year, the feeling we had all year was


Oh when we gain our strength from our weakness in the quiet moments we mourn.
But God called me to leap ahead into that new year with faith, to feel nothing beneath my feet. I am thankful for the growth.

To trust that within the air is - Your Hands - that will catch me.

2010. It has been a growing year after loss,
continuing to follow a dream together.
It has been a year full of learning everyday,
with the hope of more in the coming year.
One that was full of change,
new friends that have grabbed hold of a dear place in our hearts,
reflecting together within our family throughout the whole year.
I am learning & finding sharing to be easier than it has ever been before..
"Tomorrow is only a day away and I pray for strength right now."

I have been meeting new friends, sharing some of the journey on this blog here with you.
Thank you for the time you spend reading.
I wish for you and the ones you love dearly & hold close, a hopeful New Years!
I hope that we may all continue to be full with blessings, building beautiful memories.

Someone in my life this year said clearly.
God makes no mistakes.
Therefore He will never need to be forgiven.
As this New Year arrives triumphantly again
after the birthday of Jesus, may we know.
Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

One word.


In all my words that I have written this year, I want to share this one.
For those that change,
Growing constantly on their journey.
For those that mourn,
Longing for peace within answered prayers.
For those who share what breaks your heart with writing,
or with someone who is trusted.
For those who are listening & reading over many times what
they have shared in their own trials and joys.
For those who come alongside them, gaining footing in their trust.
For those that choose to make a difference,
And others who do not know which way to turn.
For you, me & for us.
A word for this New Year. A feeling for 2011.


Monday, December 20, 2010

May Wonders Of His Love Be A Christmas Blessing.

The frost glistening in the sunlight.

A smell of pine fresh with dew.

Softly falling snow

Winter’s golden embraces.

Blankets o’er the fields

Resting peacefully

As the winter nights unfold

Hearts grow warmer with the cold

Peace of mind is all you know

A baby sleeping by the light of the moon

A life to live

See how much there is to give

See how strongly you believe

See how much you may receive

Smiling faces all around

Laughter is the only sound

Memories that can’t grow old

Winter’s gold,

Lake is frozen over

All around reminders of you

Are everywhere I go.

Wishing you the wonders of His love.

Winters golden embraces

Thank you for...

a calm and peaceful day today.

taking the kids so I could do my Christmas shopping

going sleigh riding with the kids so I could work

making plans and getting us out of the house

always keeping the house stocked with food

making sure we are all well dressed

doing mountains of laundry. Huge mountains. Many mountains.

always encouraging me with my music

blogging and sharing your life with others

teaching me what empathy and compassion are

and not giving up on me and my issues

knitting me a toque. It's my most favorite thing I've ever been given. Ever.

encouraging me to have friends

showing me how to face fears

Thank you for love.

These are my words, my thoughts, my feelings for you:

You are amazing. Truly.

You are gifted and I admire you.

You are gracious and kind. I've seen it so many times.

You are generous and compassionate, giving more than you receive.

You are wise as a woman, a listener and a friend.

Your knitting is amazing. Your creations are not mere garments, but blessings.

Your heart is precious - thank you for sharing it with me.

I love you, Alicia.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sending Warm Blessings Of Peace & Radiant Joy.

The lights flicker at night as I continue to embrace warm blessings. Joining friends that find peace in the waves of gratitude that engulf them with hope. My list has been growing throughout this year, more often when I know that this is how I see it clearly in writing..

..taking a deep breath.. exhale.. repeat..

17. I will always love that feeling when my heart skips a little watching my children, remembering the first moment they were placed in my arms.

4. Secret gifts of Christmas blessings.

47. New friends that have grabbed hold of a dear place in my heart.

22. Traditions passed on from one generation to the next with the hopes that it will continue from mine to the little ones and so forth.

7. Learning the very words that cause a tear to fall safely and a smile to form on her lips when all she needed was a Mothers warm embrace.

10. Taking one dream and building another one even smaller.

77. Safely coming home to a warm house and welcoming arms, that let you just be.

11. Lists numbered with my favourite numbers, just because.

20. A familiar gathering of friends that have inside stories to tell just as we have done for many years.

40. One cup of steamy coffee waiting for me next to the project I can quietly continue. As a little one naps peacefully with her head on my lap.

1. Prayer, Pictures with words, Peace.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Girl Effect

Today I was inspired by this movement. Bringing people together to partner in prayer for Girls at Risk in Niger.
Chantelle McIver writes:
Why do we do what we do here in Niger? Our newest program is running the Girls at Risk School that I’ve previously talked about. Child marriage is out of control here in Niger and we have seen first hand it’s devastating effects. Young girls forced into prostitution to make ends meet and bring money home, often told to not come home (by their parents!) until they make a certain quota.

Many people have written on this topic. In my words and some of theirs as well, here is a summary of the problem. Want to join forces with us and pray for one of these girls in our school? Let me know. We can use all the prayer warriors we can get!”
Please follow this link to her empowering blog, and spread the word! Education will make a world of change in the lives of these young women and bring a brighter hope in their large communities.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Winter Solstice Tunic


In this season of brisk weathers, it is a perfect time to cozy in with some knitting. Here is one to start with:
A simple tunic pattern, knit in the round from the top down.  
This pattern is very versatile.
It can have length added for a dress,
and/or sleeves added to make a cozy sweater.
This tunic is sized to fit a 2 or 4 year old.
An easy pattern for a sweet natural gift.

You will need:
200 yards of Lopi or Bulky yarn 2(3) skeins
1 circular needle size US8 (5mm)
1 stitch marker
1 yarn needle
2 wood beads

Pattern: Size 2(4)

1. cable cast on 62(64) stitches, then place marker.
2. begin by knitting 1 row in the round. careful not to twist stitches.
3. purl
4. knit
5. purl
6. K1f/b every stitch to the end. 124(128) stitches
7. purl
8. knit
9. purl

10. knit2tog to the end. 62(64) stitches
11. purl

12. *K1, K1f/b* repeat**to the end. 93(96) stitches
13. purl
14. knit
15. purl
16  K1f/b every stitch to the end. 186(192) stitches
17. purl
18. knit
19. purl
20. K2tog to the end. 93(96) stitches

21. purl
22. *K2, K1f/b* repeat**to the end.  124(128) stitches
23. purl
24. knit
25. purl
26. K1f/b every stitch to the end. 248(256) stitches
27. purl
28. knit
29. purl
30. K2tog to the end. 124(128) stitches

31. purl
32. *K3, K1f/b* repeat** to the end. 155(160) stitches
33. purl
34. continue the pattern of *knit a row, then purl a row*
until garment measures 4(4.5)inches
from cast on.

35. Separate sleeves as follows:
knit 22(23), cast off 30(31), knit 51(52), cast off 30(31), knit 22(23).
-remaining stitches 95(98).

36. knit to first sleeve cast on 7(8) stitches using backwards loop method, knit to second sleeve cast on 7(8) stitches, knit to end of the round. 109(114) stitches

37. knit in the round until body measures 7(8) inches from sleeve cast off, or to a longer length if desired.

38. purl
39. knit
40. purl
41. knit
42. purl
43. knit
44. purl
45. cast off knit wise. weave in ends.

Note of extra ideas:
If you find the yoke too wide on a petite frame embellish the top by weaving in leftover yarn through the top of the tunic, make sure that the yarn is sturdy enough to tug on. Add wood beads at the ends for an extra touch, then it will have a drawstring effect, as your child grows. I invite you to enjoy this pattern, and please post a picture.


Sunday, December 05, 2010


My heart is heavy laden with the sorrows this time of year brings forth. Tears fall freely in silence.
Christmas draws closer and I feel a loss,
a burden that grips at my chest and does not let off any ease.
As each day passes and I follow a routine about the day,
distractions cause a slower pace.
Sometimes I stop to write down these thoughts,
other times I feel that someone else may need prayer.

Lord l pray for all of us that call out to you in praises. Hallelujah! & also in hours of need. Light our way Lord Jesus when we feel lost. Please teach us the journey that we are on, fill our hearts with your love & grace.. Share the truth about giving when we have little, as it multiplies in all the heavens as blessings. Amen.

“Mom will we have presents this year,
will the sky light up like the shepherds saw,
will we see a miracle?”

Innocence is a wonderful teacher, for my heart.

You will be amazed this year and next.
Just as you always have with this Season.
Of Hope
Of Peace
Of Joy
Of the traditions
Of just being here
To celebrate on earth
Christmas Day.
Wrap your arms around me I want to feel you close.

Our tree stands silent with barely a light that shines.
And all decorations from every year that we have spent together is gathered together in a tub in front, with hats and stockings and shiny ribbon delights.
The glow of the lights and candles burning bright is still waiting
Then memories I have of Christmases past take only moments to ponder, delight and we feel younger again.
For years I have enjoyed teaching the children giving and giving away. Telling stories about the true meaning of this celebration.
Making, sharing and joining carol choruses.

This is why I choose to write.
To join in with many friends around the world.

Wishing you all a festive season of Peace.

Friday, December 03, 2010


The days will come when you don't have the strength
When all you hear is you're not worth anything
Wondering if you ever could be loved
And if they truly saw your heart they'd see too much
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You are made so much more than all of this
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You are treasured, You are sacred, You are His
You're beautiful
And praying that you have the heart to find
Cause you are more than what is hurting you tonight
For all the lies you've held inside so long
And they are nothing in the shadow of the cross
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You are made so much more than all of this
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You are treasured, You are sacred, You are His
You're beautiful
Before you ever took a breath
Long before the world began
Of all the wonders He possessed
There was one more precious
Of all the earth and skies above
You're the one He madly loves
Enough to death
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
In His eyes
You're beautiful
You were meant for so much more than all of this
You're beautiful
You are treasured, You are sacred, You are His
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You're meant for so much more than all of this
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You are treasured, You are sacred, You are His

~Mercy Me

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Bamboletta Dolls

I was 30 when I saw a bamboletta doll for the first time on Etsy.  A frequent place that I would peruse. This is where I purchased the first one. While I was waiting for that shipment it was a very introspective time. Writing more childhood memories. I read her blogs, found other stores online that sold these dolls and in the process many letters were sent back and forth to the creator of the dolls. Christina Mattiello. A stay at home mama, working from her home in Cobble Hill, B.C. 
In addition to all the great communication, I was inspired by a project that she wrote about in her blog, Partnering her dolls with a village project in Guatemala. Moms will be in hand built huts with orphans and they hoped to give each of them a smaller bamboletta.
Project Somos.
At first she said that customs were the best way to go so I sent off a long list of different dolls with all hairstyles, clothes, ethnicity.

Christina’s reply upon receiving an email for 10 customs.
”I have to ask. I've had people buy 3 and then get them through the years as presents for their friends, but I've never had anyone want so many at once. I'm just curious about your festival of friends.. are they for your children to play with or are you a collector? I love to know where the dolls go :) “

“Thank You for asking!
There are so many stories that I could share.
These dolls are something I have waited for years.
I was telling my husband that I don't know you but its the sweetest blessing to have found someone with such a gift as yours in these creative expressions!
To be honest 10 is one of my favourite numbers and the dolls that I described will resemble or have the emotions behind some really amazing children (mine included) and friends whom I love dearly that I want to be reminded of often!”

She took the time to give each one a name, a hug, and then added a little treat in each box that was shipped, for all her dolls new homes. Over the last few years they have all visited or have slowly found new homes among friends. But it was a childhood dream of mine that Daryl gave me for mothers day that year. I loved passing them on to Azaelea.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brilliant Scenery

photo (13)

I will be driving through the prairies this morning and enjoying the scenery, joining in with some friends to sort shoeboxes at the Samaritans Purse Warehouse. Looking forward to the day!
Waking up early to send the boys to school, I realized that all the months we lived on the acreage throughout the winter, there were no pictures of wonderful Hoar Frost! It’s Majestic!

photo (12)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Love is friendship set on fire

Welcome-No Vacancy


No Vacancy
Strings of thread attached to every limb,
Just another face in the crowd.
But to open the box and free the sorrow,
Now all we have is goodbye.
You are here, Welcome dear.
I love you Mother
Arms wide open.
I see your heart,
Why do you walk away?
There is a moment and then eternity,
When we see His love reigning in our lives.
I want to show you, not push you away.


When you take a closer look at this solo picture of her you will notice a vacancy in her eyes. It was not acting. I would often try looking into her eyes, and she would avert them to directly keep herself busy. This was a fear of belonging, that I lived with for years. Her own hauntings would continue until she found someone to love again, somewhere to be again, a safety after we left.
I was 4 when we celebrated our return home from here. This was our new life and hometown now. During a walk through the local mall, a photographer caught my attention. He was asking us to dress up! My Grandmother insisted that this would be fun. So I eagerly stripped off all my clothes, and to my shock pulled on the scratchy material. I did not notice the protests my mother said, or portrayed in her body language. It was fun to me while it lasted.
Today was a Thanksgiving day when I missed my extended family. I prepared a feast on the countertop in a portable oven. A roasted bird was presented to my family with the eagerness of the first meal ever made in our home. It felt just as if this second Thanksgiving that we celebrated was actually a Welcome Home. We belong here; we are safe, loved, and protected.
Grateful to have my family together.
Blessed beyond measure.

Monday, November 22, 2010

In the stillness of memories

My family growing up is Canadian, with American heritage
(I was the first to be born in Canada). We also hold Ukrainian traditions.
We celebrated 2-3 thanksgivings, 2-3 Christmases most every year with lots of meals together traditionally.

Our family was large.

We often would spend the festivities outside enjoying hay rides, hot chocolates, warm cider and handmade crafts.
There would be a roaring fire indoors for all of us to gather around and platters of food to enjoy buffet style.

Children would be scattered on the floor eating or sleeping,
& adults all over any furniture that was in the house.
It was not uncommon to see 6-8 people all over the sofas.

Gathering together from dawn until dusk, every weekend.

Once the weeks of December 21-Jan.7 came around there was many a day, spent all together. Our main celebrations for Christmas were spent in Salmon Arm. Our Thanksgivings (October & November) were the time to travel. Every year it was a different location. My favourite times were travelling to visit Grandparents, where my Uncles would also join us.

When we were little it was a rare occasion.

The smells
Oh the traditions
& knowing what to expect never changed.

As a Mom now myself, I knew what to prepare my children
& Husband for, each time we made the trek to their gorgeous part of the country.

Even though I didn't have a lot as a child, I always knew that my parents spent a lot of time preparing, growing and hunting for our food each year. They spent a lot of time preparing meals.

I learned to make up recipes at a young age and found especially baking to be so fulfilling. I knew my family would enjoy any treats that I made. They were delicious & inviting.

Christmas was the perfect time to practice all that I had learned, and I spent many hours baking and filling the counters with cookies, cakes and crisps from our harvested backyard orchard.

As much as I craved the time to share, I also really grasped the feeling at this time of year of hope. Hope that they loved me for who I am and all that I could be.

Every year the smells of evergreen would fill our home and after each snowfall the warmth of the familiar smell was in the air during our daily outdoors chores.

I can remember finally cutting down a tree one Year. We were visiting my Grandparents. I must have been about 7 years old at the time. My Uncle took me into the forest and we found a robust tree. Shaking off the snow hours later, cold and proud, we arrived at the front door ready.

That was the only present I had really wanted to give, to be able to cut one down and decorate it with our handmade ornaments and many bubbling lights.

We had so much fun decorating the tree. I now know we must have decorated that tree every day until Christmas. On Christmas eve after dinner I decided we needed to put more presents under the tree, so we found some empty boxes and wrapping paper.

In each box I would put a note in so it wouldn't be empty.
When we came out to put the presents under the tree there were surprises waiting from Santa. There were toys and new clothes just for us. We knew that our Grandparents had given all the gifts.
& in our joy we never said a word.

I will always cherish the memories I have of my few Christmases that I had as a child with my Grandparents. As I got older and started my own family it became a tradition to always spend at least one day of Christmas celebration with them whether in Alberta or B.C.

This is the first year that they are both gone now.

It is true that some of the fondest memories started when we were children that we have now each year. In the preparation of the Christmas meal, baking, the handmade ornaments, the tree, the songs, and the many friends to celebrate with our family.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seasons of Giving

photo (3)

A pattern to follow:

cast on 42 on size US15 needles
for all size needles and gauges make sure the stitches are an even #

1. knit to end
2. knit 1 *YO k2tog* repeat ** to last st knit 1
3. repeat row 1 & 2 until garment is 18” or longer
4. last row-knit to end
5. 3 needle bind off. -Or bind off then mattress stitch ends together.

The simple motions of knitting often become a favourite gift.
For everything there is a season and this one is full of grace.
I have more time to create and less time to buy.
As I do, there is less of a need to keep, and more of a need to give away. I invite you to make one and give it away, Happy Knitting!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pause for a moment

Slowly, I wash the table with familiar strokes, back and forth.
The crumbs fall to floor, and the splatters disappear.The plates and cups, and all breakfast remnants are cleared away. I walk over to the sink to start filling it with water, add a dollop of clear soap and watch as the suds begin to rise. It is quiet but there is a feeling as I pause for a moment of,  Nothing. 
Hoping now, I remember again.This time I am overwhelmed with memories at this table and many more tables that I have paused for some time at. The first plans for Christmas meals, the birthday parties, first solid foods, spilled milk.  Friends have gathered here.  Family have grown as each meal passes. I remember first meals with new family here. Walking back to the table and looking for all the familiar marks that it now bears. Cups that have knocked over and smashed on the table. Forks that have been fiddled with as someone waits ever so carefully for the food to be placed down in front of them. Hot pots that have scorched through the wood.
I have seen so many tables. Ones that I have been invited to and ones that I have invited myself to. Ones that hold dear memories that I will never know. There is my first meal alone on my own. Tables where stories were told that both inspired and empowered my thoughts. I welcome the past into my present sometimes.
Noticing that the table that is freshly washed is a little empty I fill it with a candle and a large bowl of gathered rocks that our boys have eagerly gave, for their collection. Now all collaborated into one bowl they all have stories as they wait for drinks, food or conversation to start sitting around the table.
“I found this one out back at Grandpa’s shop that time he built the go-cart with me.”
“Do you remember when we went on that old abandoned road and there was a creek where we threw stones. This is one of those throwing stones.”
” I found this one in front of our house, it’s shiny.” 
From the moment the boys make contact with their memories, the voices rise about who remembers more correctly until; their mom, little sister or even dad chime in with a “hush quiet, let’s all take turns.” It is still so quiet right now I can hear the bubbles deflating in the dish water, waiting.

“Please just try it, it might be tasty.” I say as the his eyes start darting nervously from the first unfamiliar glances at what’s for dinner. 

“Why?” Ethan asks, obviously needing to know that their is hope in this food.

“Because I tried, and its always good to try new things."


I smile even in this moment that he paused because I know he will try it. When all is said and done there is always a- “oh ok it is good or no  thank you.”
We talk and laugh and are often quiet around this table. But if there is too long of a pause someone always has something to say.
There are memories of our children learning how to give thanks,  building crafts, learning to draw, writing their first letters.
Time is always on the move and it sure has epic stories to tell that began at a table..

Drawing memories, with many cups of coffee..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This blog was an additional blog started for Asher, when he was 6 years old. Though all the answers were asked by family and friends, we did have a few occasional visitors. As his parents we would read the questions and in return type the answers for him. This week we had a fun time to reminisce with Asher, as we all gathered together to go through the one page blog together. It was a hearty laugh and fun to share, now that he is 5 years older.

Asher is 11 on Sunday, and I want to share 11 thoughts for him here:

1. One day you will leave home, explore this world on your own agenda, and I will live vicariously through your adventures. One day you will dream of your life here, lived in the past, and remember the adventures those first 11 years brought to our lives.

2. Today as you dream of your future, with the loves in your life, I see your eyes sparkle with all that it could be.

3. The day you were baptized, I remember your prayer, with tears in your eyes.

4. I adore your hugs, from growing arms that become bigger with each day it seems. As you rise up and grow past my eyes I now need to wait for you to sit so I can smell that ever familiar waft from the top of your head.

5. Your sensitivity speaks volumes to many hearts.

6. Keep pursuing that which you are good at. Rediscover lost arts too. Such as drawing, drumming and guitar. Remember that band of yours that was going to put out an album? Ethan was on keyboards too. Jamming Coconuts!

7. Asher I know you love to draw and the 3D is amazing. Within the many hours that you spend drawing, animating, and writing instructions you encourage your siblings to join in with all those discoveries.

8. Asher you encourage Ethan to continue with his Manga drawing, Kai's space drawings that are promptly folded into spaceships, and Azaelea's attempts at experiencing colours.

9. The fierce approach and determination to standing up for your friends has taken you aback this last year and I see you surrounding yourself with those that have the same views.

10. This last year your soft voice has taken on a new tone. One with more wisdom as the year has passed and we have great questions, answers, and discussions about life. In these discussions we discover misconceptions that peers have led you to believe too. In all this I see your curiosity come alive asking more and more in-depth questions.

11. You are You Asher and I love your sense of humour, and contagious laugh, and when you smile hard enough I see a dimple under your left eye. Looking forward to watching this new year go by full of blessings.

iphone 103iphone 105

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little birds

I woke up this morning, with a song flittering through my mind such as two little birds that fly in circles around each other. Remembrance day service at the school today, or gather our little resources and find all the mismatched boots, mitts, scarves and toques for this ever increasing chilly weather and growing children??
Both of these tasks were more important than ever as we tried our best to pack healthy lunches with the little our fridge, cupboards and shelves offered. Oh goodness this is a ache that stays burning bright with hope. I pray for multiplying blessings for each and everyone that feels this incredible sense of insurmountable worry.
Determined to be still and breath, knowing that this is the peace that will carry me through the day. I sat down to write and the words flowed from my fingers bringing light to how I have been feeling. How long it has been sunk down so deep in, the core of my heart, that the cracks were letting it out full force.
Simplify my thoughts, bringing closer a reality that this too shall pass. Time does not stand still in the angst it keeps carving away into the present moment as those moments pass by sometimes with an ever increasing pace.
I was genuinely relieved  that there were no chores to be completed. The younger children were playing in soft tones over a play set they enjoyed. Just as the 2 older boys were heading out the door to school and would be stepping on stage now within the hour. I had little to offer them in the way of patience to find matched winter accessories.. Then I read this email that I received from a dear friend. A blessing, to calm, add warm fuzziness, to brighten a day. and share with you.

~Alicia, I'm sure you are feeling the blessings that come from being obedient and honest & real in your exposure into the depths of your personhood. You are a "stone" that has taken a lot of rough abrasions( a serious understatement) and is becoming a refined jewel, so very precious and delicate and beautiful!  It blessed my heart to see how much you've grown since the beginning of our relationship. 
God will continue to heal your wounds, You are clearly a testimony of God faithfully and gentlely shaping a person into His likeness with Mercy and Grace and Love. I pray that you feel the Lord's presence in a rich way, and feel at peace.~

Its a deep well in my heart issue over a wealth crutch. That is a simplified comparison. I feel challenged by the established rules about where to live, how to get through low points and continue through the rough patches without grasping so hard to the definition of “success.” I realize that this is what simple living is all about. Those who have chosen to break out of the mould per se must be different, not buying into society’s standards and continue to share overall goodness. Be it in life giving words, actions or wares with those in need. By doing what we love rather than doing what’s going to get us the biggest actions, attentions, or paycheques each month. Within the end of this statement I can only hope that I hang onto the words that bring peace.
Because I will continue to believe that “Everything will be alright”

Monday, November 08, 2010


Click click the knitting needles chimed with a sweet song I discovered. As the melody smoothed out to a soothing tune, and the soft wool ran through my fingers, I paused to hear the momentum of the song end. My mind had continued in turmoil while the morning past and now it relaxed. Often in the quiet, when there is a slow pace at home, there is a calm before the storm.
I whispered aloud how lovely it was that; today my daughter slept the morning through and through.
Watching out the window the sun shone bright. A cloud here and there wisps through the sky that still let the brightness of blue brightly compliment. Perhaps later we shall welcome a midday walk?
The music continued to change and the time slowly went by as I tiptoed through the house trying to keep the solitude and peace.
I found a favourite nook to pick up my knitted pattern but placed it down beside myself again and decided to write in response to a goodbye post of a dear friend.
Entitled: Beautiful Memories.
Hold fast to your remembrances of loved ones.
There is an indescribable delight when our lives intertwine with poetry.
It did not take long before I was lost in thought again, enjoying memories and catching my breath with others.
The thoughts continue as I read an email from a friend that I do not 'know'. This leaves me with a profound hope of what is to come with this writing that I am trying to encounter.
The new-found knitting patterns and one old faithful are becoming a collection similar to recipes of comfort foods.
I rely on these when there is time to invest in stocking the wool chest. While our little daughter quietly wakes up and joins me in my nook, I begin the day. We shall eat and be merry, walk in the briskness of this fall day, and go through the motions while the day folds into afternoon.
We will pause for cuddles and a story or many….
I believe this is where I will go and join her and leave with some familiar poetry, I wrote together with Daryl.

In the stillness
In the quiet place
I can feel you near.
You are forever
I am only a moment
May I see your face?
What I know now
You have always known
You see deeper to that unseen place.
Quiet my heart to the anguish of pain
Move me closer
Please break these chains.
You are the one that saved my soul
My empty life now overflows
When I see that all is new
I know that I am not the same
I see the cross where Jesus died
I see the tomb that opened wide
And now I know your coming back to take me home.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

















Time seemed to pause for a only a moment when I first saw you, now where did the time go?
Happy Birthday Azaelea Katie Rae!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

MercyMe “I Can Only Imagine”

I miss the times when the songs would rise, as Daryl led worship. This one song among many others, had me in tears every time.
Hold fast to your remembrances of loved ones ,There is an indescribable delight when our lives intertwine with poetry. - I love this! Beautiful.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Welcome November 1

Today is the beginning of my favourite month!

I start thinking about…decorating~creating crafts~Birthdays for 2 of our children~baking~gifts~family pictures~cards~lost addresses~new have to try and old faithful recipes~soups~comfort foods~rich deep chocolates~fondues~evergreen tree branches~travelling or stay home~sweaters~knit accessories~homemade candles,~essential oils~baking breads,~roast turkeys~music….

I would love to hear of some traditions that you enjoy!



It’s that time again. The moustache month! Where the 4 o’clock shadow is all day every day for the month of November. To raise awareness for Men's cancers and put your best foot forward.


The question is: Who’s joining in with Daryl? P0909272321277

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday October 31, 1999

Still waiting for our very first son’s birth.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rainbow Memories

28 years ago I met forever friends. Mary & Angela.

We soon became known as the little red triplets.

photo (2)

The years have gone by, as we have seen our lives intertwine, we have had many stories over the years of just finding each other. At random events and unexpectedly in large cities such as Vancouver or Calgary.

Last year Dear Ange. (far left) started gaining more popularity with her store on Etsy and was featured frequently with another lovely friend

Look at this gorgeous treasury recently published for the fall season.

photo (1)

Mary and I have many more memories and she is my favourite Hippy. Today I am forever thankful for the sisters they have always been in my life.

“At last the 3rd triplet has been found... dancing among the trees, dipping her toes in rivers and streams, singing to the heavens.... she was never lost, she was here all along, sharing herself with the world so we could feel her love everywhere we go. **HUGS and much love to you and your family.**
Thank you.”

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I enjoy taking my children to see where I grew up. Exploring the surrounding waters, walking trails, and mountains. We have spent many hours visiting family, the beach, fruit stands, orchards, and exploring the hills. Sometimes though my heart aches for what they will not have there as children..More time. Because every time we leave it is just an experience, not home. I miss my home town today. The place where I was born and raised. Here where we live is our home now as a family. Instead if our travels capture their memories now, they will have many reasons to keep going back.
Christmas Island captured by this friend

Salmon Arm Wharf

Friday, October 22, 2010

Seasons of Rest

In the circle of Life we watch the seasons. 

Now I lay me down to rest, my weary back, my heavy chest. This I lay me quietly down to sleep, where I know you watch over me.

The trees are resting standing bare, the leaves that clung through out the year, have floated down to lay with me. Amongst the brown trees and grass, resting well under a blanket of white.

You see me for me, renewing my heart, life and mind.

You reach into my past, present, and future with a mighty wind that settles all that lie near.

The tree of life that grew so fast, reached its roots down too far, it shall not uproot, or be pruned, but will wither now as a new vine begins to grow nearby.

You love me for me. That’s how new life pushes out the dead leaves in our lives. 

His life, because of its glorious power and beauty, brushes away sorrow, death, and fury.

I dream during my rest of this life with Jesus.  If there is dead parts that need to float away, so be it.

The renewal, the fresh green that I awake to in the beginning of the new season will water my soul.

Sprinkle newness, grow faith.

“You are mine, you are valued, you are precious to me.”

I want to run in the freedom of His love.

I awake to the trees swaying in the wind, the wind brings a new season, a season of hope.

Believe my heart, I am longing, to know the forgiveness is true.

At the beginning of Psalm 23:1
I hear my heart longing still.

"The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need."

I begin to feel his love as;
(2) "he lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams."

As I rest and my mind may follow with clarity.
(3) he renews my strength, he guides me along right paths, bringing honour to His name."

Then as all the seasons are in full circle and I have been carried on this journey, the one who created me is right there.
(4) Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for YOU are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me. (NLV)

I am free in His Love, I am dear to His heart.

Cherished by the Everlasting.