Monday, December 20, 2010

May Wonders Of His Love Be A Christmas Blessing.

The frost glistening in the sunlight.

A smell of pine fresh with dew.

Softly falling snow

Winter’s golden embraces.

Blankets o’er the fields

Resting peacefully

As the winter nights unfold

Hearts grow warmer with the cold

Peace of mind is all you know

A baby sleeping by the light of the moon

A life to live

See how much there is to give

See how strongly you believe

See how much you may receive

Smiling faces all around

Laughter is the only sound

Memories that can’t grow old

Winter’s gold,

Lake is frozen over

All around reminders of you

Are everywhere I go.

Wishing you the wonders of His love.


Alicia said...

With generously added excerpts from musicians:
John Denver & Sarah McLachlan.

Kmarie said...

Love it. Nice work:)
let me know when you go uptown again as I thinkI can rustle up some provisions for some of the families:)

Colleen said...

So very beautiful. It really evokes an image of winter's still cold beauty and the warmth of having those we love around us.

Wishing you many wonders Alicia!

Grandma K said...

I am not sure why I believe the 'wonders of His love' are for everyone except me. So often I forget that He doesn't wait for me to 'clean up, shape up' but just pours out His love.

Thanks again, for reminding me in such beautiful words.

Blessings to you in these days......
You are on my mind so much.

my name is kimberley said...

"hearts grow warmer with the cold"... such truth in the midst of such friends.

Kmarie said...

P.S. I love your new profile picture.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope these next two days are festive and fun.
I love you dear friend:) At Christmas seems the perfect to say that I think you are pretty amazing and I am honoured to have you speaking into my life. You have insight, heart, beauty and grace.
All My Love.