Thursday, December 02, 2010

Bamboletta Dolls

I was 30 when I saw a bamboletta doll for the first time on Etsy.  A frequent place that I would peruse. This is where I purchased the first one. While I was waiting for that shipment it was a very introspective time. Writing more childhood memories. I read her blogs, found other stores online that sold these dolls and in the process many letters were sent back and forth to the creator of the dolls. Christina Mattiello. A stay at home mama, working from her home in Cobble Hill, B.C. 
In addition to all the great communication, I was inspired by a project that she wrote about in her blog, Partnering her dolls with a village project in Guatemala. Moms will be in hand built huts with orphans and they hoped to give each of them a smaller bamboletta.
Project Somos.
At first she said that customs were the best way to go so I sent off a long list of different dolls with all hairstyles, clothes, ethnicity.

Christina’s reply upon receiving an email for 10 customs.
”I have to ask. I've had people buy 3 and then get them through the years as presents for their friends, but I've never had anyone want so many at once. I'm just curious about your festival of friends.. are they for your children to play with or are you a collector? I love to know where the dolls go :) “

“Thank You for asking!
There are so many stories that I could share.
These dolls are something I have waited for years.
I was telling my husband that I don't know you but its the sweetest blessing to have found someone with such a gift as yours in these creative expressions!
To be honest 10 is one of my favourite numbers and the dolls that I described will resemble or have the emotions behind some really amazing children (mine included) and friends whom I love dearly that I want to be reminded of often!”

She took the time to give each one a name, a hug, and then added a little treat in each box that was shipped, for all her dolls new homes. Over the last few years they have all visited or have slowly found new homes among friends. But it was a childhood dream of mine that Daryl gave me for mothers day that year. I loved passing them on to Azaelea.


Cheyenne said...

This left a lump in my throat. I love you.

Kmarie said...

Wow. That's amazing:)
We love our bamboletta They are well made. Christina is very talented.

whimsys otherside said...

i love my bamboletta too, tho not nearly so much as my beloved friend who found her for me. and i have never once looked at her that i didnt thank God for such a beautiful soul.