Friday, December 10, 2010

The Girl Effect

Today I was inspired by this movement. Bringing people together to partner in prayer for Girls at Risk in Niger.
Chantelle McIver writes:
Why do we do what we do here in Niger? Our newest program is running the Girls at Risk School that I’ve previously talked about. Child marriage is out of control here in Niger and we have seen first hand it’s devastating effects. Young girls forced into prostitution to make ends meet and bring money home, often told to not come home (by their parents!) until they make a certain quota.

Many people have written on this topic. In my words and some of theirs as well, here is a summary of the problem. Want to join forces with us and pray for one of these girls in our school? Let me know. We can use all the prayer warriors we can get!”
Please follow this link to her empowering blog, and spread the word! Education will make a world of change in the lives of these young women and bring a brighter hope in their large communities.


Cheyenne said...

Chelsea is involved with this organization. It's so great, isn't it?

Alicia said...

Yes! It's amazing how the ripple effect of friends, family and bloggers can really spread the word! There is a fighting change happening for these girls.

Kmarie said...

This is so good. This is in that book I told you about. Half the Sky- it's the best book about empowering , advocating and helping women. I think you would love it!
I love that you wrote about it. I think soon it is time for another half the Sky post for me too. Awareness is everything:)

Colleen said...

It's always just incredible to me to read about how much some people suffer, how they have to fight for every right and even for their dignity as people. It's just so sad...and so different that it makes me ashamed to be complaining about such small annoyances in m y own life!:(

I'll be joining you all in prayer too.

Love Colleen