Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year. A New Word.

Today we have arrived at New Years Eve.
In remembrance of a whole year that went by.
Celebrating the end of 2010.

At the end of 2009 we arrived at the New Year
with a year ahead knowing it would be full of changes.
Our hearts were anxious,  
and searching while
learning new footing.
Instead of resolutions, we dived into the everlasting love within our faith.
The word for this last year, the feeling we had all year was


Oh when we gain our strength from our weakness in the quiet moments we mourn.
But God called me to leap ahead into that new year with faith, to feel nothing beneath my feet. I am thankful for the growth.

To trust that within the air is - Your Hands - that will catch me.

2010. It has been a growing year after loss,
continuing to follow a dream together.
It has been a year full of learning everyday,
with the hope of more in the coming year.
One that was full of change,
new friends that have grabbed hold of a dear place in our hearts,
reflecting together within our family throughout the whole year.
I am learning & finding sharing to be easier than it has ever been before..
"Tomorrow is only a day away and I pray for strength right now."

I have been meeting new friends, sharing some of the journey on this blog here with you.
Thank you for the time you spend reading.
I wish for you and the ones you love dearly & hold close, a hopeful New Years!
I hope that we may all continue to be full with blessings, building beautiful memories.

Someone in my life this year said clearly.
God makes no mistakes.
Therefore He will never need to be forgiven.
As this New Year arrives triumphantly again
after the birthday of Jesus, may we know.
Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

One word.


In all my words that I have written this year, I want to share this one.
For those that change,
Growing constantly on their journey.
For those that mourn,
Longing for peace within answered prayers.
For those who share what breaks your heart with writing,
or with someone who is trusted.
For those who are listening & reading over many times what
they have shared in their own trials and joys.
For those who come alongside them, gaining footing in their trust.
For those that choose to make a difference,
And others who do not know which way to turn.
For you, me & for us.
A word for this New Year. A feeling for 2011.



Kmarie said...

What a perfect word. Thank you.

earthforaliens said...

Oh hope. How I'm hanging on to you for 2011.

Cheyenne said...

Amen. To hope.

Krista said...

Blessings to you and your family. I pray 2011 will be filled with unyeilding, peace and love

Grandma K said...

Today I need hope.
Thank you and thank you for sharing, for bringing hope to others.

Colleen said...

Thank you Alicia. You have such a good soul.