Saturday, January 01, 2011

Celebrating Christmas 2010!

Incredible how much our family have fit into this
last year, and yet the time seems to still
move on.. slowly by.
We are settling in to a new town,
a new school, a new job, and a new life.
All the while missing those that we hold dear
to our hearts, near and far away.


January. After spending 10 years in an around the
town of Linden, we made the transition to move away.
We moved to a gorgeous acreage for 6 months and then after deciding to stay local (instead of building a thatch hut in Costa Rica) we moved to our new home in Three Hills.
It has all the small town charm that we have grown accustomed to and is also the town that Daryl was raised in. After all these years we are staying close to a lot of friends and family.
Though the changes have been hard for our children each one has found something that they really enjoy and are building on those hobbies.


Daryl had the chance to join a friend on the open sea for a few days on the West Coast and after hauling this salmon from many leagues under the sea he proudly sent me this photo from the boat. You can tell it was an amazing trip! Daryl continued in self-employment for the beginning of 2010 until a local recording studio was in need of another engineer and he was over the moon to be apart of that opportunity. He has returned to self-employment now, working on his own projects through the same studio. While finding time to fix computers, tune pianos and he also released another album on his birthday.

Alicia OE

Alicia (me) I have spent countless hours, doing everything that can be imagined as mommy, wife & friend. Knitting & writing has become something that I find myself enjoying when I am fully swayed by the little time that is left in the day. This month I finally published 2 patterns and they have had a lot of positive feedback. I am looking forward to the next one already. Here is one:


Azaelea is a joyful 3 year old who is now talking so much, singing countless songs while dancing to her own beat. She is the youngest and spunkiest out of our 4. Here is a debut to her piano playing.

My HipstaPrint 7

Kai is 6! He started the year at Three Hills School in Kindergarten. This is becoming the highlight of his week as every time he returns from school there are many exciting stories and new numbers that he is learning. Kai is a natural leader and you can often find him ‘figuring’ out how things work, such as flashlights, & even the clothes dryer. He even asks for help when things are too big or too complicated to put back together.


Ethan is 8 and will soon be 9! He is counting down the days to the most exciting day of the year. 23/01/2011! As he states the first Birthday in our family is his. Ethan is looking forward to the new soccer team that he will be a part of. He is asking about acting, gymnastics, tae kwon do & piano. At the moment he is learning guitar on a salvaged seagull guitar that is a prized possession. Ethan continues to enjoy school and you will find him working on many equations, reading novels, drawing amazing Manga animation as well as many interests that he does very well.

photo (9)

Asher is 11, (can you believe that!). He is having a tough time with all the changes this year and we are slowly finding new activities that he enjoys. Including swimming, mechanics, guitar, computer animation, media, building, theatre. You may find him in our garage working on his latest hobbies and interests. Asher enjoys getting everyone involved in all his activities and is often daydreaming about what the summer will bring many years ahead. At the dinner table we have conversations about his dreams for the future and that sparks a lot of different angles to everyone else's participation.

Here is hoping we get a full family photo next year.

photo (4)D&kiddosphoto (11)summerhill

Sending warm blessings of Christmas peace, from our home to yours!

Love from Daryl, Alicia,
Asher, Ethan, Kai & Azaelea Wilson


Grandma K said...


Thank you so much!

Kmarie said...

Merry Christmas!
I Loved hearing about it all in letter form!
See you soon:)

Mulberry Manor said...

Such a fun family and I loved reading about each of the different personalities that make up your crew! Hope to help you out with that 'whole family photo' one of these days! :)

Colleen said...

Merry merry Christmas Alicia!
Your family is just so beautiful and it is wonderful to read about your lives, the big events and the small! Thank you for sharing and God bless you in the new year!

Jenivere said...

It has been a very full year hasn't it!! Thank you for sending me the link. Happy New Year!

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Cheyenne said...

I absolutely loved every single word of this. It made me miss you guys heaps!


Alicia said...

Thank you everyone for sharing in our lives & throughout this year.
Cheyenne, that means it has been 11 years since we introduced him to you. Our first stop before home. Your family is missed heaps too!

irish coffee and chocolate said...

I like your letter and hearing about your family this way. The video is super cute! I'd love to come have coffee with you and bring my boy:) Let me know when there's a good day:)!