Monday, January 17, 2011


26*  A soft cheek, to kiss good morning.

27*  A morning hug & ‘Hi my gorgeous’ ringing through the halls.

28*  A leap & A bound, learning that this morning is not for school, it is for play.

29*  An inquisitive son who wants to know if he can dress up as a Jedi to go to the science center.

30*  A silent prayer, for tender hearts, answered gracefully.

31*  Laughing.

32*  A half written song.

33*  Lyrics written years ago, that still sound new.

34*  The smell of freshly washed hair, as they snuggle in to warm up after a bath.

35*  11 years old and sensitive to a hug & a good cry for the love of family.

36*  Music played with the feeling.

37*  Watching him play music in front of crowds again.

38*  A Welcome sign.

39*  The memory of washing each others feet.

40*  The first notes of a favourite song.


Pamela said...

A list worthy of notice. My list would contain, "Moments, reminding me of the magnitude of blessings of which I can be thankful."

irish coffee and chocolate said...

I noticed his playing yesterday!:) and I hoped I'd see you but we had to leave early...:)

SadieAnne said...

love these moments, and loved our visit this morning.

Tabitha Bird said...

Beautiful list. I'd add to that the warmth of my son's cheek when I kiss it and the smell of freshly washed towels. Love those moments too.

StLphotogirl said...

I wanted to let you know that I particularly loved and appreciated number 29. Thanks for sharing!