Tuesday, December 06, 2011

All I want for Christmas..

"The secret to figuring out life:
All is grace.
Because God's transfiguring all things for His glory." Ann Voskamp

Over this year I am learning that freedom comes in waves of letting go.
The Celebration of the birth of Christ is a reminder of God's provision for us. To have freedom through His Son.

Quietly, I sit listening.
The mug feels heavy with warmth
& I remember moments..

Light, how it cascades in the forest drawing me closer.
"Let's keep walking, we'll reach the bonfire soon."

Walking the lit up streets at night, with all the festive homes lit up.
"Look at that house, so beautiful."

The snow blowing in the wind,
& with it the air smells so fresh.
"Can you hear singing?"

Sometimes even the deepest rooted lessons that can be learned are the ones that are hidden away for so long for fear of being found out.

When we have a little time to share and no interruptions, there is
a sense of safety.
A peaceful exchange.

Just memories
& the vivid imagination that we all are gifted with.

I'm in this place where the music and words are there.
& though there is beauty, the raw awareness that words are carving a path, has time going by..

Something I could never tire of is twinkly lights.
The way they light & sparkle.
All the while children's eyes catch the moment as they gasp in awe.

Every single year, I watch our children give many gifts wholeheartedly.
Family traditions are so abundant.
Enjoying many gifts all month long.

Including but not limited to: reading together, helping hands, lighting candles, baking to share with neighbours, food hampers, dessert nights with friends, living room music gatherings, hay rides, hot chocolate outings, carolling, family movies, Turkey feasts...

While we most always are travelling each year, this one we are close to home. Along with 2 brand new cousins and Daryl's whole extended family.

The infamous Santa & Mrs.Claus may join us Christmas eve, to hand out Christmas stockings.

Hidden wrapped gifts will be brought out Christmas Day at our home
& each one will be opened or torn into with gusto. With just us.

There are many meaningful gift exchanges in our large family gatherings.
The emptiness under the tree was filled with love. That is where all the cousins often lay baby Jesus in his manger, under the tree.
"Because the star led the wise men to Jesus, they had gifts too."

All this to say I am so looking forward to all of this laughter, life & love.
~ Jesus' Birth
& the whole journey to now, is the reason we celebrate Christmas.~

Sunday, December 04, 2011

festive gifts :: give love away

It’s that time of year again when I really look back & see how peace continues to grow throughout the year.

To Family :: holding hands, watching each other take turns when someone has a new dance move, or instrument to play, listening to music together, singing, morning talks all piled on the couch (even when there is morning breath filling the air), sharing hugs, long walks, baking, adding salt when the meal needs flavour, decorating, crafts, co-operation, folding socks for all those toes….

In Unity :: friendship, kindness, having a meal together, thankful prayers. words of appreciation, community, achievements through working together, embracing and celebrating differences.

With Hope :: new beginnings, plans for the future, New Year resolutions, nurturing creativity or ideas, sowing seeds of hope.

Abundant Giving :: the joy of giving a smile, giving time, giving thought, giving a helping hand, giving meals.

Overall Gratitude :: in events, triumphs, challenges, importance of love, belonging, continuity, history, values.

Remembrances :: recollections of family or events from the past and their significance in the present, highlights of the previous year's events.

"The Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength" (Nehemiah 8:10)

Friday, December 02, 2011

What I'm working on Today

Reading: a blog Habit

Knitting: a new pattern for Winter Solstice.

Learning: routine & walks are part of our weekdays together.

Wishing: you a Monday full of gratitudes.