Wednesday, September 17, 2008

7 things that are Quirky about moi

1. I make words up, like smurples for spaghetti.
2. I cry on the beginning of every Extreme Home Makeover Show.
3. I laugh everytime I hear the words fat ass together.
4. When I am in a store and there are 4 objects on a shelf, and one is needed,
I "stock up" with 2 so there is an even number left.
5. The chorus of the song "I will remember You" from the artist
Sarah Mclaughlin is still running through my head after 4 years.
6. My baby toe always needs to pop so that it can grow stronger,
while my jaw always needs to pop so that it can grow weaker.
7. When my hair is found all over the place my kids
will pick it up and put it back on my head.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In the Quiet of the night

Apparently when you can get up easily at the sound of a creak in the floor, your mind has begun to take a paranoid approach to life.
In the middle of the night when I thought everyone was sleeping something was nudging me awake.
It wasn't the sound of a baby whimper, or putter patter of little boys tiptoeing to the potty.
It wasn't our friend who lives with us trying to be ever so quiet leaving for work or school.
I lay in bed trying to decide if it was important enough to get up when I started to tremble.
I felt no fear nothing at all actually.
A bit numb from being awake at an odd hour for no real reason.
Then the trembling started at my head and worked itself ever so slowly down to my toes.
After what seemed to be hours laying there waiting, I decided to sit up.
That is when I discovered how cold it really was that night.
So cold you could see your breath.
Or at least imagine it because my imagination had gone so wild by then.
Shivering and chattering and tip toeing to the only heat register in the house,
I stubbed my toe, tripped on the cat and bumped into the new dining set
that towers in front of the register.
So being so chaotic in my attempts to stay quiet, I silently shrieked,
jumped and ran back to our room that we share with the baby.
Jumping into bed to violently warm up.
In the "quiet of the night" a baby in our room needed to be comforted too.