Thursday, July 21, 2011

Break the rain

Waiting for the rain to break
& the sun to shine.
When it's best to grasp the positive joys of the days.
If we can still laugh
when the hours are long
& the sanity is thrown out the window, then it's less of a funk
& more of a double rainbow.

What is dead may be dormant, and what is barren may be about to bear, and wild things can somehow find a way to bloom. ~Ann Voskamp

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summer craft wishes

When I looked through our craft closet this week it was very evident that we have had more focus on yarns and paper this year. So many trinkets and soon to be crafts are waiting to be made. So with the help of pinterest, I will share some ideas!

Painting. & this one was found hiding away with lost treasures.

Earrings made from upcycled leather. The middles could be a soft crochet line or beaded.

Crochet rings. The backs could be soft leather.

Too fun & cute. I can just imagine the kids ideas with these.

Just the leather scraps with a few beads mixed in.

Necklace made with little rocks, a charm & soft feathers.

I had my first spontaneous lake swim of the Summer today! Exhilarating.