Friday, May 22, 2009

Linden Sandy Park

This is the day I pay tribute to the park my children have beckoned us to visit day after day for over 9 years now.
Oh sand park you are here through thick and thin in walking distance and a neighbour friend. Many have come and gone but we are here to say that you have stood through the test of time. Through many sunny days, afternoons and windy picnics we have enjoyed the calm serenity of you as a constant friend. Hope the months that seem like years where you are buried under mounds of snow are not too lonely. maybe this year we will build a snowman right in the center to stand tall in honour of your patience! See you soon.

Years of writing has taught me a few things.
Such as how to fall in love with words when
Life is the definition of Insanity.
Let us be what we enjoy in so many ways in so many layers.
Peeling back layers causes me to see how to pray deeper.
Now its remembering to squeal with joy when delights
are daydreamed.
While trying to release the intense pressure to cry.
Wonderful tears even by myself as I picture joy in these words....
Ocean~ mountains~ road trips~ lavender fields
free range~ organic~ cotton~ seaweed~ rice~ sushi
windy afternoons~ growing~ planting~
fair trade~books read so many times the pages are worn in
mossy paths~ giggles~ children squealing~ skinny dipping~
streaking~ late night swims~ early morning dips~ running
long walks~ hiking~ glorious sun~sailing~ shady picnics
collecting rocks~ searching for sand dollars~climbing trees
sons~ daughter~ husband~ being a wife~ falling in love~
living life~ laughing lots~ creating~ cooking~ experimenting
building~ crafts~ pictures~painting~ writing~ exploring
trees~ birds~ animals~ flowers~ learning~ sharing~
opening up~ listening to the heart~ conversations~ Praying

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do you feel it calling in the air tonight "Hold On"

This morning I woke up feeling so much joy it hurt.
Last night I cried myself to sleep.
A dear friend asked me this week, if I have a feeling of 'Anywhere but here?
I sure do and I cry every time I think of it.
Oh the memories; I miss hearing these phrases.
~The ocean is just over there, can't we go see it?
~Not right now dear let us go to the local market to pick some fruit from the vines.
~The mossy paths in my Grandma's back yard are so fun to explore....let's go!
~Want to go Skinny dipping in our backyard pond?
The moments that seem like forever ago.
I don't want to run away, my friends and family are surrounding us here. Pouring out love and
encouraging all of us to reach out and not drown in hopeful escape routes.
Really what is better than a full quiver of children calling me MOM and a dear Husband who provides everything to make our family feel safe and secure.
I have climbed up in my tree again and have no one to understand how to talk me down again, When all I am concentrating on is what is OUT THERE???
I will listen to anyone who wants to share,
and I just need to learn how to share myself, and let someone else listen to my heart.