Friday, May 22, 2009


Years of writing has taught me a few things.
Such as how to fall in love with words when
Life is the definition of Insanity.
Let us be what we enjoy in so many ways in so many layers.
Peeling back layers causes me to see how to pray deeper.
Now its remembering to squeal with joy when delights
are daydreamed.
While trying to release the intense pressure to cry.
Wonderful tears even by myself as I picture joy in these words....
Ocean~ mountains~ road trips~ lavender fields
free range~ organic~ cotton~ seaweed~ rice~ sushi
windy afternoons~ growing~ planting~
fair trade~books read so many times the pages are worn in
mossy paths~ giggles~ children squealing~ skinny dipping~
streaking~ late night swims~ early morning dips~ running
long walks~ hiking~ glorious sun~sailing~ shady picnics
collecting rocks~ searching for sand dollars~climbing trees
sons~ daughter~ husband~ being a wife~ falling in love~
living life~ laughing lots~ creating~ cooking~ experimenting
building~ crafts~ pictures~painting~ writing~ exploring
trees~ birds~ animals~ flowers~ learning~ sharing~
opening up~ listening to the heart~ conversations~ Praying


Grandma K said...

"....whatsoever things (words) are joyful, think on these things...."
(a slight paraphrase!)

Red said...

Good to spend time enjoying your company this week. Thank you for that calm heart that lends an understanding prayerful ear.