Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day Card

"You're going to be a dad"
The words they felt as liquid gold, for the very first time pouring out of me, speaking softly into the phone.
Stop thinking, it will happen all too fast.
The months of waiting.
Loss & gain.
then regaining hope.
Fresh memories awash the here & now.
First cries fill the room of delivery
& we know.
This is the beginning of forever.
Years they pass just through a sieve, as I watch each child grow from being in your arms,
nursed by me,
into full board steam ahead.
Ready to take the world by storm.
Times 4.
A baby, toddler, preschooler, be continued.
Remembering when the oldest could rest in the crook of your arm.
Asleep in the bliss of your strength, your comfort.
Each one meets the world and watches you.
You who is quiet and assured. Who questions beyond the questions.
Thankfulness comes in waves, yet storms bring in Aftermath too.

For the dreams that shape as the years go by.
The moments when you know this is: "hey! I can do it."
One day at a time.
The children run to you with cards.
With words.
All sharing that which is,
Music to my ears.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Who I Am

A Child and then a Mother.

Who can watch my children every moment of everyday and hope for more.

A Woman and then a Wife.

Who can say to my husband that he is steadfast, and believe wholeheartedly that he is.

A student and then a teacher.

Hopefully to myself first, and then to my children.

A listener and then a friend.

Keeping words that feel so sacred, and yet so very healing.

A moment and then a lifetime.


Prayers are hoped for.

Words are spoken.

Dreams are lingering, and words are written.

Behind the walls you find me hoping.

There are ones who believe they will see through it one day.

Who will find the cracks in the foundation.

Praying that each day, will bring a new discovery.

That I will know that there is no end to free love.

While the waves wash over the ridges smoothing visible scars
Time flows

My sons hug and my daughter smiles.

My Husband comes along side and watches the world with a different view.

In all this life there is a sigh of relief that all that is now is