Saturday, August 27, 2011

Only you know

Before you read this: I can tell you this is for you.. but only you know this for sure.

Behind her eyes she found a safe place.
Longing deep
striving quick.
Promising to keep the many vows of a little girls heart
Gasp now.
The dive down deep has hurt your heart.

This time

..too many times..
you have not reached the floor bed of the water.
Engulfing your true being.
Catching a glimpse of the young you.

There waiting.

For the letter you wrote her.
The vows you kept long ago.
She is waiting for confirmation.
In the long last draws of breath.
Within the water.
Where we breath fresh, in the air.
There you catch a glimpse of the look
in her eyes.

Only you knew.

Who Knew
how long?

When the ice would start to melt.
The years where you skated over the dreams,
that lay frozen in an ice capped memory.
In the sky there were no limits.
The happy endings always came true.

Along the starry nights
when the lines were drawn
& the cracks began to show.
A decade
or 2
have seeped through.
A year here
a reoccurring dream there.

How does it write deep on your soul?

She knew.
You knew.
Who knew?
Only you.

Little truths,
simple & catching,
drew on the strength of bigger truths.
Building a strong foundation.
These bigger truths that consumed took apart into shattered remnants.
What was left
is all the simplicity of knowing the next steps, will be built.
In writing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Wednesday treasure.

A new ring to celebrate:
the many years remembered, behind us now.
& the many more ahead
.... to be continued.