Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Remember Praying....

There was a time when I was newly married for probably a year and a half, and I did not know how to trust.
So after sharing one night we prayed that all walls would be broken down and we would learn to trust God.
The next week our dog broke his leg. Sad, but a simple catastrophe. We panicked. What was next?
After Christmas we decided to travel to visit relatives. High in the rocky mountains a severe snowstorm hit. Where we were located there was no way to turn around for about 100km. Trying to plow ahead, there was no visibility, and barely a road visible either. A car ahead of us had pulled over to what they must have thought was the side of the road. We saw the car at the last minute and tried to swerve around it, black ice was everywhere. Instead we turned a 180 degree angle slid to the other side of the road and hit a tree, which redirected the truck over a 160 foot cliff. As we were about to drop I can remember hearing "trust me everything will be OK. The truck landed on a train track then rolled enough off, that a train was able to fly by within about 10 minutes, without hitting us. The truck was severely damaged but the windows had popped out on impact. After the initial shock that we were still alive we crawled out to see people stumbling down the drop off to our rescue. Emergency vehicles were coming from all directions including a CNN train car that escorted us all the way to the hospital. I had a small injury on my head, that needed stitches, but they could not find our babies heartbeat that we were expecting. The hospital and RCMP staff were all very pleasant and helpful and even found us a hotel to stay the night in. The next day as we were walking to the Greyhound, Daryl's aunt, uncle and cousins drove up next to us on their way home. We were so amazed to see familiar faces!! We made the most unusual connections with family and new friends in the short time before boarding the bus.
It was not till a month later that we were informed our pregnancy had actually ended. But much to our surprise and delight a new baby had already started developing and he would be born 10 months later.
In all this trauma we felt an overwhelming peace reside in our souls. That is why we are content to wait and know that we cannot do anything with out patience and trust in God.