Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ponderings & Wonderings

Wondering if its time & possible to change the look
of this blog, you know maybe I could add a little flare...

Pondering how it is possible that 
Home Church just hits me straight in the heart.
We had such a full Sunday. The theme was overcoming the feelings of shame, because there is no shame for those who are in Christ.
After meeting together, sharing, praying, & eating;
Our care group swooped down on a house that was to me like a reminder of 'coming home'.
This house was what I was raised in, right down to the carpets, broken faucets, and very full 
looking tables and counters, unkept, uncared for, because those that were living there 
were lost, and needing to be loved. 
This was just the same for the man that was living at this house, needing to know that he is accepted, loved, forgiven..
When I got a chance to meet him (a new friend), what hit me the hardest was that he was a complete look-alike to my step-father...
so I hugged him.