Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Kai

Friday, September 24, 2010

Three hours ago

I was sitting with my children, relaxing after a full morning of unpacking, just knitting away. As I paused and saw all their faces so intent on the project they were working on, Kai asked; "Mom are you going to take a picture of that sweater when you are done?" "Yes that would be a great idea Kai!" Then as I finished the last stitch and lifted it into the air, there was a gasp that escaped my chest. I had dropped a stitch about 6 inches from the bottom. "That's OK mom, Ethan reassured me, we'll keep you company while you re knit that part." I couldn't help feeling that sense of relief, like a big bear hug from his kindness, listening with my heart I heard the patience that was his gift.
It is completely knitted now.

I was reminded of three years ago.
We were waiting for the birth of our daughter, a little sister that had been an answered prayer for our Ethan. He had also asked Santa to please send him a little sister.
This was a long wait for him, and he learned that patience was a gift.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A little time to share my 10 delights for this season

 1. I finished another tiny sweater. It was lovingly knitted then given to our youngest niece.
A mini version of the original Shalom cardigan

I had been working on the first one and found somethings with my needle size challenging, so took the positive high road and made the mini version.

2. In our family we have many Birthdays to celebrate in the Fall. Kai will be first, he is very excited to be 6.

3. Summer is over and school has resumed. The quiet mornings have been tender times with my daughter. Sometimes on a rare occasion I can sit with her and knit while she snuggles in and watches a favorite video.

4. A new Home, A new job and it's a blank canvas starting over. With a new atmosphere and witty new projects.

5. Morning black coffee.

6. Sleeping soundly Saturday mornings.

7. Listening to the new Live Priscilla Ahn album.

8. There are plenty of trees in our backyard, with lots of playing, biking and new friends, the kids adventures outside are fascinating..they have grand ideas about changing our garage into their shop, or a theatre or a skate park.

9. Crunchy leaves, piles of leaves and blowing leaves, the crispness in the air is so refreshing.

10. Daryl & I took a temperament test from a great book 'Please Understand Me 2' by David Kiersey. We both had to take it twice. The second time it was truly eyeopening. A composer and a counsellor/healer have been living together seeing our lives richly emerge. Where with some new inspiration and information we can actually now understand each other in just those quiet moments more.

Please friends share a delight or two from your season, I would enjoy that.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stay Here With Me

Found you up in your tree again
Tried to talk you down
Baby you know I understand
Sometimes you don't wanna be on the ground

Pretty little flower you are
Barely holding on in the wind
It's hard to see you falling apart
Paying the price for someone's sin

Well I can't see the future
And I can't turn back time
All we got is this moment
I hope it lasts a little while
So wrap your arms around me
Let me hold you til we sleep
Tomorrow will be a better day
Just stay here with me
Oh just stay here with me

Sometimes the tide comes in too high
And carries you away
Sometimes you can't see the sky
For all the clouds and rain

Well I can't see the future
And I can't turn back time
All we got is this moment
I hope it lasts a little while
So wrap your arms around me
Let me hold you til we sleep
Tomorrow will be a better day
Just stay here with me
Oh just stay here with me
Just stay here with me

Daryl Wilson

Friday, September 10, 2010

Monday, September 06, 2010

Missing Link

The pages of the book I was reading seemed to be just what I needed, in this small fragment of time, that I had to enjoy the ebb & flow as my mind relaxed.
Outside the wind had picked up and I could see the crispness as the leaves swished and swirled before they lightly fell to the ground. My green knitting lay beside my left hand and the book was in my right, while the steam from a fresh coffee caused me to pause all that I was doing and grasp it. The gentle smile I saw on my husbands face revealed that it had been placed there some time ago, quietly as to not disturb my thoughts.
It did not take long before I was lost in thought again. Are the trees that stand tall and sway in the wind the symbols of our strength? This is the time that we spend unveiling memories, gaining footing, trusting friendships, that are intimately and ornately intertwined with the loves in our lives.

“Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing
that the testing of your faith produces endurance, and let endurance have its perfect
result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing” (James 1:2-4).

The thoughts continue as I begin the daily rounds, the recipes of comfort foods splayed out before me on the computer screen, new ingredients, more filling staples, additions to our pantry, and soups that will be hearty on chilly days. While our little daughter quietly goes about helping me throughout the day and we take time to play, and snuggle before her sleep time. I cherish the flow of the days with routine. It feels like the missing link when I can be in tune with my thoughts again. Then our boys will arrive home from school with flushed cheeks and cold noses, hoping for a cuppa hot cocoa and a cuddle or two.
I believe this is where I will go back to my knitting, enjoying fall.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It's that crisp wonderful time that I enjoy, Fall!

I decided it was best to recycle some thoughts from the same time last year.
After we moved again it felt more grounded for our family. Though more thoughtful, and silent at times. There was plenty of time to reflect on our thanksgiving.

Recycled impacts from a year gone by.

-A friend of the same cloth that has similar threads that have been sown close to yours, is truly still the most unique friend to have.

-Taking a step of faith is not as easy as cleaning house.

-To live laugh and love is the best medicine for the heart.

-Truthfully expressing my heart in my deepest thoughts, is prayers.

-Therapy by myself can include folding laundry and doing dishes. Even if it is time consuming at least no one else wants to do it with me.

-To believe I can/will lose a relationship is a heartfelt sadness.

-Farmers have markets that attract artists. I like to visit these markets and support the artists and the farmers. Where baskets are filled with their yummy creations that I get to take home.

-Writing without ceasing is going to form stories that need to be told.

-Secrets of the heart that dig deep into the core of a family, have been kept too long and they need to be shared after decades of silence.

-Quirky is as quirky does..

-4 children bring and have so many different love languages they are eager to learn.

-A family that is built on trust prays earnestly loves deeply and walks faithfully.

-Sometimes a whole season may pass without truly experiencing any element of your surroundings because there is so much going on, right there in your moments.

-recycling older posts is a reminder of how my years are full of memories.