Saturday, September 18, 2010

A little time to share my 10 delights for this season

 1. I finished another tiny sweater. It was lovingly knitted then given to our youngest niece.
A mini version of the original Shalom cardigan

I had been working on the first one and found somethings with my needle size challenging, so took the positive high road and made the mini version.

2. In our family we have many Birthdays to celebrate in the Fall. Kai will be first, he is very excited to be 6.

3. Summer is over and school has resumed. The quiet mornings have been tender times with my daughter. Sometimes on a rare occasion I can sit with her and knit while she snuggles in and watches a favorite video.

4. A new Home, A new job and it's a blank canvas starting over. With a new atmosphere and witty new projects.

5. Morning black coffee.

6. Sleeping soundly Saturday mornings.

7. Listening to the new Live Priscilla Ahn album.

8. There are plenty of trees in our backyard, with lots of playing, biking and new friends, the kids adventures outside are fascinating..they have grand ideas about changing our garage into their shop, or a theatre or a skate park.

9. Crunchy leaves, piles of leaves and blowing leaves, the crispness in the air is so refreshing.

10. Daryl & I took a temperament test from a great book 'Please Understand Me 2' by David Kiersey. We both had to take it twice. The second time it was truly eyeopening. A composer and a counsellor/healer have been living together seeing our lives richly emerge. Where with some new inspiration and information we can actually now understand each other in just those quiet moments more.

Please friends share a delight or two from your season, I would enjoy that.


kimberley said...

crisp fall walks while sweet cold hands grasp my own and the littlest baker presses his drippy nose into my neck to find some warmth.

the sunlight - so different from the glare of the summer. the fall sun seems closer, cozier, happier.

Cheyenne said...

Hot apple cider!

Grandma K said...

the colors in the trees, the shrubs, and even the grasses...

Kmarie said...

The reminder that sometimes loss creates incredible beauty. Change can bring vivid colourful experiences. Fall is a testament to the beauty of the perceived flaw. My favourite season because it symbolizes the start of the death of things and yet it is sooo Beautiful!