Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It's that crisp wonderful time that I enjoy, Fall!

I decided it was best to recycle some thoughts from the same time last year.
After we moved again it felt more grounded for our family. Though more thoughtful, and silent at times. There was plenty of time to reflect on our thanksgiving.

Recycled impacts from a year gone by.

-A friend of the same cloth that has similar threads that have been sown close to yours, is truly still the most unique friend to have.

-Taking a step of faith is not as easy as cleaning house.

-To live laugh and love is the best medicine for the heart.

-Truthfully expressing my heart in my deepest thoughts, is prayers.

-Therapy by myself can include folding laundry and doing dishes. Even if it is time consuming at least no one else wants to do it with me.

-To believe I can/will lose a relationship is a heartfelt sadness.

-Farmers have markets that attract artists. I like to visit these markets and support the artists and the farmers. Where baskets are filled with their yummy creations that I get to take home.

-Writing without ceasing is going to form stories that need to be told.

-Secrets of the heart that dig deep into the core of a family, have been kept too long and they need to be shared after decades of silence.

-Quirky is as quirky does..

-4 children bring and have so many different love languages they are eager to learn.

-A family that is built on trust prays earnestly loves deeply and walks faithfully.

-Sometimes a whole season may pass without truly experiencing any element of your surroundings because there is so much going on, right there in your moments.

-recycling older posts is a reminder of how my years are full of memories.


Grandma K said...

Don't you think the calendar should start in September? I think I understand some of your feelings as you look back..... a mixture of emotions.

Thanks for sharing! Please continue!

Kmarie said...

I love this post. I love your blog... we sorta know each other... I think. Anyway very insightful.

kimberley said...

"taking a step of faith is not as easy as cleaning house."

so true. for whatever reason, this one simple statement has left me in tears.

a beautiful list - from a beautiful spirit.

love coming here and reading what you have to share.

Anonymous said...

I love fall and I loved reading your list!
We should have a tea or playground soon...what do you think?

Red said...

In response to each of your comments;
'A mixture of emotions.'
Simply sharing I truly enjoy all of the encouraging words from you all.
&I think a tea/playground visit would be lovely. Tuesdays & Thursdays are wide open this Fall :)

Cheyenne said...

Gosh, this is great....thanks for sharing. I miss you.