Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet Reminders

There are times when I find something that is in a search for inspiration. It speaks volumes to me simply through experience. I found one author who was writing about her angst now raising a daughter. She spent her own childhood being without a Father. Falling into endless downward spirals, and childhood abuses. In her writing she compared her seeking, to her blessings of having a husband that sees that need in their daughters life. She seeks reminders of her life as it is now. So joyful, blessed & full of life, with her husband that adores all the children in a true approach, that makes her heart skip a little. After sharing about her childhood & all the measures she took to be noticed through her years growing up, the author ended her blog with. "Do you have a daughter?"

Here is part of one Father's response;
"As a husband/father who has dealt with countless hours of counseling in the past, helping my wife to overcome “absent father” issues from her childhood, it has brought the following to light for me personally:
Little girls need their Daddy’s. Daddy’s need their wives to push them/encourage them to do one-on-one activities with their little girls.
It’s tough, trying to break a past generational curse of absentee-fatherism… But, I know deep inside that every little TINY thing that I do to encourage my daughter is ultimately building towards her future. Moms & Wives encourage Dads to spend time with your daughters. It can ultimately make all the difference IN THE WORLD in the future life of your little girl."


kiko said...

such an amazing reminder. The song Daryl sang last night made me tear up. I know how much it hurts to be told that I am 'ugly' and 'fat'. and how much of that affects how I view myself today. God gave us 3 daughters...thank you for the reminder. and I thank God for the wonderful husband/father Scott is. He makes the girls feel valued and beautiful everyday.

earthforaliens said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means me, so that makes me something of an expert in the subject... I think all the women and girls in my life need to know how beautiful I think you are. I hope it's okay if I tell you that once in a while... Or maybe a lot :) Alicia and Zae, and you too Kiko. Beautiful.