Saturday, August 07, 2010

Everyday has minutes

I was reading a lot of blogs in the last day and was fascinated by the amount of life that is recorded. From amazing recipes, to giveaways, to stories of life in the mountains and in the prairies. I decided to pause and really grasp today in this very minute.
My house is quiet as I write, the children are sleeping in after a fun summer night. There are plans to discover a new hiking trail today, pack a picnic and soak in these last days before August is over. Our little girl and youngest has been learning big girl tasks and dancing more. It has been a short summer more because I am enjoying these 'last' baby days, savoring that this stage is also coming to an end. Though Fall is my favorite season of rest, this summer will be the last one that I have babies to raise up, last summer carrying a baby everywhere we are, last diapers. From this moment on everyday will be firsts in this big wide world for all 4 children learning from our careful instruction. This is an emerging moment, where I know close to my heart, this summer will be cherished and remembered for many years.


kimberley said...

beautiful. love how you recorded these moments - their tenderness brought to mind my own "lasts" with my last little one.

but how exciting that there are "firsts" to look forward to.

enjoy this fading august. enjoy the sweet little feet that dance. enjoy the idea that soon diapers will be a thing of the past. looking forward to the new moments that you'll record!!

Cheyenne said...

Cherish every last moment and anticipate the excitement of what is to come.