Friday, April 30, 2010

..Health, Happiness & Loss

2 snowstorms this month and 2 trips to B.C. has kept us entirely on our toes to say the least.

A couple weeks into April I felt the need to fly out again, to be by my Grandma's side.
When I booked the flight on Saturday there was no mention that she was
most likely only going to survive 1 or 2 more weeks..
The first night I arrived, was her first night in extended care.
She had been placed in a convalescent room to begin with and had a terrible night,
so within 24 hours they transferred her  to a palliative room..
In the hours that I spent by her side, I felt the need to sing, to cry and to pray..
All her work was done as she faded through the hours..
After returning home for a few days, we celebrated my Birthday Apr. 17
It was a gorgeous day. So peaceful,..and the very same hands that helped deliver me 33 years ago to the day,
died peacefully that same evening. I loved her more than words can express.
We all travelled together for a semi small goodbye reception.

I wanted to share this with you because I believe my lack of experience with loss (through death) numbs my mind a bit, as I hold on to the memories. and I just wanted to share with friends who read here...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

When I was this age I never dreamed about being 33 now, wow it shows me how time flies,
when I watch our 4 children change & grow so fast. 
Celebrating my Birthday & sweet joys with my family today! 4/17/77