Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To have and to hold

From this day forward.

Writing on Marriage, oh how I feel the need to express a joy that is patiently blooming from trust.

His hand reaches out to me and I still try to climb down the tree of fear.
The soothing voice, the wrapping arms. Tenderly waiting..for me.

This musician has played many songs and waited for my season to end. I have thrown myself into the role of an ever adoring wife, who admires, who listens, and who shrinks away when the spotlight is turned directly in my direction.

A gift of Marriage, a holy union. One that I dreamed about from an early age, and was frightened to want.

"Let’s sail away to the deep seas, and leave all the worries behind. When the tidal waves crash into the shore, we will watch from a distance from the safety of this realm.”

I am willing to give up the limitations that make my life a secret. Along with the guidance of a knowing counsellor, this is the time to write more. To place those missing puzzle pieces together precisely, now at an early age. With knowing prayers. A peace that blankets me at night as I rest. Surrounded by my family in this home, although craving the silence.

by myself

Listening now to the heavy sleeping breaths, eventually it is time for rest, as every hour passes. My shoulders curl in with a searching for our bed, leading me to a warm sanctuary to rest in. 
I fall asleep near him, comforted by this familiar place.

You have my heart dear husband. You are patient & kind. Protecting & caring. Joyful & prayerful.

for our family,

all encompassing surrounding this life,

for us.

The peace of a quiet still voice encouraged me forward.
Open my heart to the constant renewing of love pouring in.
I am willing to give up the worried dreams from the past.
To write it out on pages, with the dust of many years.
That as each day starts I am led into the day being prayed for from the beginning.

Lord I pray for my husband & I as his bride. May peace and grace be given within this life for the time that You give us together on earth. I pray for this journey that is our life, a holy union. Bless each one of us truly by the other, with the gifts You give us. Please make Your face to shine upon us all our days forever together. Amen.


Kmarie said...

Lack of sleep compounds everything- I am so sorry rest has alluded you. Did you mean your knitting is helping you sleep now- I wasn't sure?
I hope so.

Mornings in the cold alberta weather have this feeling that can't be easily shaken. I honestly think people who live in warmer climates do not feel that dread and lethargy so much. Are you taking vitamin D? The sun has not been out for a week ( except that one brief afternoon0 I notice stuff like that and it effects health and well being. Hang in there- hopefully when the mornings bring sun and warmth it will be easier.
Until then know we are all in this together.
I hope you find what you are searching for.
Praying for you.

Grandma K said...

Yours is a relationship that so many wish for. Yours is a relationship that is 'good' because of commitment and willingness to work at it, to support and love each other, to respect each other.
You are blessed, both of you.

Colleen said...

So beautiful Alicia. I love this line:

I am willing to give up the limitations that make my life a secret.

Reading that touched me so much. How beautiful.

By the way, I passed an award along to you over on my blog.:)

Wil said...

Thank you for this post. It leaves me full of hope for the future and peace in the present.