Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Welcome Gifts

Pausing in my corner of the couch, a nook that holds pillows and trinkets from many visits from my children..

I hear a small voice...please mommy listen.. shhh did you who that, did you who that sound?
My best friend is hiding..can you who him mommy, he's singing a song.

I did hear that..he's singing can you find me darling dear, can you find me sister here..
her little fingers grasp my hand and it tangles within the wool, 'giggling' she jumps up to be carried.
Then with her still wound in the knitting, we continue to unravel the mystery of
where her brother may be.

1*   The start of a hope filled year.

2*   Listening in the middle of the night to a still small voice, welcoming prayer.

3*   Numbering an offering of thanks, with joy.

4*   2 sons, 2 brothers, sitting facing each other eager to learn on their salvaged guitars, playing while smiling as their new fingering makes music.

5*   Going ahead. Giving away.

6*   Quiet long hours lulled by the sounds of snoring, the echos of a home relaxing.

7*   One arm resting on the curve of my hip, as we sway for a moment watching the snow games            

8*   More last minute handmade gifts.

9*   Lost wooden treasures.

10* Afternoon belly laughs.

11* The leaf pendant from someone who knows me, though an anonymous gift.. wearing it I am reminded to pray often, share deliberately, and remember the peace I feel knowing I am known.



Colleen said...

I love your list Alicia. I think you know the secret to being content in all circumstances in life. Your peaceful spirit and grace must be such a blessing to your husband, children and home.

my name is kimberley said...


i smiled so big when i saw your sweet picture in the many.

love you, so much.

Kmarie said...

Are you back now?
Thanks for the inspirations that you took the time to list:)

Pamela said...

I just landed in your corner of blogland. I'm going to enjoy visiting, I can tell. Love the list you gave...I'm off to explore some more.

whimsys otherside said...

loving you and your quiet gracefull truth, always i am blessed to read your words and glimpse your tender heart.