Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Winter Solstice Tunic


In this season of brisk weathers, it is a perfect time to cozy in with some knitting. Here is one to start with:
A simple tunic pattern, knit in the round from the top down.  
This pattern is very versatile.
It can have length added for a dress,
and/or sleeves added to make a cozy sweater.
This tunic is sized to fit a 2 or 4 year old.
An easy pattern for a sweet natural gift.

You will need:
200 yards of Lopi or Bulky yarn 2(3) skeins
1 circular needle size US8 (5mm)
1 stitch marker
1 yarn needle
2 wood beads

Pattern: Size 2(4)

1. cable cast on 62(64) stitches, then place marker.
2. begin by knitting 1 row in the round. careful not to twist stitches.
3. purl
4. knit
5. purl
6. K1f/b every stitch to the end. 124(128) stitches
7. purl
8. knit
9. purl

10. knit2tog to the end. 62(64) stitches
11. purl

12. *K1, K1f/b* repeat**to the end. 93(96) stitches
13. purl
14. knit
15. purl
16  K1f/b every stitch to the end. 186(192) stitches
17. purl
18. knit
19. purl
20. K2tog to the end. 93(96) stitches

21. purl
22. *K2, K1f/b* repeat**to the end.  124(128) stitches
23. purl
24. knit
25. purl
26. K1f/b every stitch to the end. 248(256) stitches
27. purl
28. knit
29. purl
30. K2tog to the end. 124(128) stitches

31. purl
32. *K3, K1f/b* repeat** to the end. 155(160) stitches
33. purl
34. continue the pattern of *knit a row, then purl a row*
until garment measures 4(4.5)inches
from cast on.

35. Separate sleeves as follows:
knit 22(23), cast off 30(31), knit 51(52), cast off 30(31), knit 22(23).
-remaining stitches 95(98).

36. knit to first sleeve cast on 7(8) stitches using backwards loop method, knit to second sleeve cast on 7(8) stitches, knit to end of the round. 109(114) stitches

37. knit in the round until body measures 7(8) inches from sleeve cast off, or to a longer length if desired.

38. purl
39. knit
40. purl
41. knit
42. purl
43. knit
44. purl
45. cast off knit wise. weave in ends.

Note of extra ideas:
If you find the yoke too wide on a petite frame embellish the top by weaving in leftover yarn through the top of the tunic, make sure that the yarn is sturdy enough to tug on. Add wood beads at the ends for an extra touch, then it will have a drawstring effect, as your child grows. I invite you to enjoy this pattern, and please post a picture.



deana said...

Thank you, this is just in time for a Christmas gift for a granddaughter.


Colleen said...

You are incredible talented Alicia! What a beautiful thing! It is just gorgeous! I so enjoy how you express your love for others in creativity!
God bless dear friend.
(I'll be back to read your latest post, I only just have a minute right now!:)

Kate said...

That is divine!
Thanks so mcuh for sharing the pattern. I can't wait to knit one up for one of my girlies.