Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sending Warm Blessings Of Peace & Radiant Joy.

The lights flicker at night as I continue to embrace warm blessings. Joining friends that find peace in the waves of gratitude that engulf them with hope. My list has been growing throughout this year, more often when I know that this is how I see it clearly in writing..

..taking a deep breath.. exhale.. repeat..

17. I will always love that feeling when my heart skips a little watching my children, remembering the first moment they were placed in my arms.

4. Secret gifts of Christmas blessings.

47. New friends that have grabbed hold of a dear place in my heart.

22. Traditions passed on from one generation to the next with the hopes that it will continue from mine to the little ones and so forth.

7. Learning the very words that cause a tear to fall safely and a smile to form on her lips when all she needed was a Mothers warm embrace.

10. Taking one dream and building another one even smaller.

77. Safely coming home to a warm house and welcoming arms, that let you just be.

11. Lists numbered with my favourite numbers, just because.

20. A familiar gathering of friends that have inside stories to tell just as we have done for many years.

40. One cup of steamy coffee waiting for me next to the project I can quietly continue. As a little one naps peacefully with her head on my lap.

1. Prayer, Pictures with words, Peace.


Colleen said...

Beautiful Alicia. You sound like such a relaxed and content person. The impression I get of you is that you are simply who you are and don't feel a need to pretend or you are very comfortable in your own skin. I love that.
Enjoy each of these blessings, you deserve them so richly my friend.

Kmarie said...

I hope you find more relaxation.

Grandma K said...

Your spirit of gratitude is contagious.

Thank you.

Marissa said...

You are a blessing to me...and not just because you give me beautiful gifts but because you impart caring each time we interact, which I hope we will do more of. Your serenity is inspiring.