Sunday, December 05, 2010


My heart is heavy laden with the sorrows this time of year brings forth. Tears fall freely in silence.
Christmas draws closer and I feel a loss,
a burden that grips at my chest and does not let off any ease.
As each day passes and I follow a routine about the day,
distractions cause a slower pace.
Sometimes I stop to write down these thoughts,
other times I feel that someone else may need prayer.

Lord l pray for all of us that call out to you in praises. Hallelujah! & also in hours of need. Light our way Lord Jesus when we feel lost. Please teach us the journey that we are on, fill our hearts with your love & grace.. Share the truth about giving when we have little, as it multiplies in all the heavens as blessings. Amen.

“Mom will we have presents this year,
will the sky light up like the shepherds saw,
will we see a miracle?”

Innocence is a wonderful teacher, for my heart.

You will be amazed this year and next.
Just as you always have with this Season.
Of Hope
Of Peace
Of Joy
Of the traditions
Of just being here
To celebrate on earth
Christmas Day.
Wrap your arms around me I want to feel you close.

Our tree stands silent with barely a light that shines.
And all decorations from every year that we have spent together is gathered together in a tub in front, with hats and stockings and shiny ribbon delights.
The glow of the lights and candles burning bright is still waiting
Then memories I have of Christmases past take only moments to ponder, delight and we feel younger again.
For years I have enjoyed teaching the children giving and giving away. Telling stories about the true meaning of this celebration.
Making, sharing and joining carol choruses.

This is why I choose to write.
To join in with many friends around the world.

Wishing you all a festive season of Peace.


Colleen said...

Dear Alicia, I wish you and your family a blessed season of peace as well...more than wish, I pray that this is a beautiful celebration of family and giving and love for you all. I can sense the wisdom in your words and the genuineness as well and have not a single doubt that you are truly passing on to your children the parts of Christmas that are most valuable.
This is such a beautiful post. I really appreciate it and it lifts my spirits!
God bless!

Love Colleen

Kmarie said...

Oh Alicia- You guys have been on my heart quite a bit. God keeps bringing you to the forethought and I pray. I am always unsure what is behind the bit of worry I feel for you but perhaps that is just the motivation to support you in prayer. Come eat, watch a movie or just crash at my house ANYtime. We are over the colds for the most part now.
I love you. You have a beautiful complicated wonderful heart.

Grandma K said...

Yes, Kmarie, Alicia has a beautiful heart! And I am thankful, Alicia that you share it with us.

Thanks for the reminders of the reality of Christmas.

God bless you tonight in a special way.