Friday, November 26, 2010

Love is friendship set on fire


just sayin' said...

super AWESOME!!!!!

Kmarie said...

Well, I am gushing. That is the perfect Jack Johnson equivalent ( but better) that I have Ever heard. I love it. He is VERY good- but we all know that- don't we?!

Too bad P can't sing that song for me- because I lack those gorgeous freckles and fiery red hair that I CAN"T STOP LOOKING AT...and I'm not even married to you. Ha! ( and I am quite content with the opposite gender you see- but really your long red hair is something that makes me think" focus on her face- focus on her face.":) Although your face is beautiful too!

No I am not sipping on the champagne this morning- just high on life and I thought I would share that with you:) Somehow I knew you wouldn't mind:)

Tell Daryl we both love it and think his talent soars with simplicity and inspiration.