Monday, November 08, 2010


Click click the knitting needles chimed with a sweet song I discovered. As the melody smoothed out to a soothing tune, and the soft wool ran through my fingers, I paused to hear the momentum of the song end. My mind had continued in turmoil while the morning past and now it relaxed. Often in the quiet, when there is a slow pace at home, there is a calm before the storm.
I whispered aloud how lovely it was that; today my daughter slept the morning through and through.
Watching out the window the sun shone bright. A cloud here and there wisps through the sky that still let the brightness of blue brightly compliment. Perhaps later we shall welcome a midday walk?
The music continued to change and the time slowly went by as I tiptoed through the house trying to keep the solitude and peace.
I found a favourite nook to pick up my knitted pattern but placed it down beside myself again and decided to write in response to a goodbye post of a dear friend.
Entitled: Beautiful Memories.
Hold fast to your remembrances of loved ones.
There is an indescribable delight when our lives intertwine with poetry.
It did not take long before I was lost in thought again, enjoying memories and catching my breath with others.
The thoughts continue as I read an email from a friend that I do not 'know'. This leaves me with a profound hope of what is to come with this writing that I am trying to encounter.
The new-found knitting patterns and one old faithful are becoming a collection similar to recipes of comfort foods.
I rely on these when there is time to invest in stocking the wool chest. While our little daughter quietly wakes up and joins me in my nook, I begin the day. We shall eat and be merry, walk in the briskness of this fall day, and go through the motions while the day folds into afternoon.
We will pause for cuddles and a story or many….
I believe this is where I will go and join her and leave with some familiar poetry, I wrote together with Daryl.

In the stillness
In the quiet place
I can feel you near.
You are forever
I am only a moment
May I see your face?
What I know now
You have always known
You see deeper to that unseen place.
Quiet my heart to the anguish of pain
Move me closer
Please break these chains.
You are the one that saved my soul
My empty life now overflows
When I see that all is new
I know that I am not the same
I see the cross where Jesus died
I see the tomb that opened wide
And now I know your coming back to take me home.


Kmarie said...

I love how I actually have to think to decipher your writing. I love how it could be taken differently for varied people. For me I started remembering precious moments when the kids were younger and I was constantly on my knees begging for wisdom and strength because the innocent spirit of the child was so overwhelming to protect:)
I hope you had fun yesterday. Oh, your video of zaily only works for facebook people. Is there any other way to view it? I am just itching with curiosity to hear her at that age! Sometime you should get out your home videos and we should watch. I am one of those people who loves that!

Colleen said...

Alicia. It has been a long time since I've read something so profoundly touching and beautiful. What a gift your writing is. Thank you so much...After, when my own little one is asleep again, I will come back and settle in to enjoy more.
Please keep writing, keep exploring your thoughts like this...I really love the way you write.

Love, Colleen

P.S. My maiden name was Wilson.:)

Grandma K said...

There is much poetry inside you!
Thanks for sharing it with us and please continue.