Sunday, November 07, 2010

















Time seemed to pause for a only a moment when I first saw you, now where did the time go?
Happy Birthday Azaelea Katie Rae!


Kmarie said...

Ahhh Happy Birthday Zaily!
And the new mamma looked gorgeous! I wish I had that much color after birth!

Hey I would love your thoughts on this post!
I know we have touched on it a bit but I would like some more feedback:)
Oh and did you get my email about next week?

Grandma K said...

Do you wonder where the time goes?

Great pictures!

earthforaliens said...

It's hard to imagine what life would have been like without our beautiful baby girl! 3 years ago today we had no idea what a treasure we were given!

Cheyenne said...

Happy Birthday to such a little sweetheart!

Colleen said...

I know I'm a little late, but happy birthday to the little angel! What a sweetheart.:)