Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seasons of Giving

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A pattern to follow:

cast on 42 on size US15 needles
for all size needles and gauges make sure the stitches are an even #

1. knit to end
2. knit 1 *YO k2tog* repeat ** to last st knit 1
3. repeat row 1 & 2 until garment is 18” or longer
4. last row-knit to end
5. 3 needle bind off. -Or bind off then mattress stitch ends together.

The simple motions of knitting often become a favourite gift.
For everything there is a season and this one is full of grace.
I have more time to create and less time to buy.
As I do, there is less of a need to keep, and more of a need to give away. I invite you to make one and give it away, Happy Knitting!


Colleen said...

I don't knit myself but I really love your words. They could be my motto..."less need to keep..." that seems to me what growth and trust is all about. The more we grow and become who we truly are meant to be, the less we need to hang on to things that clutter up our lives. We know who we are and that we are the same whether we have this item or not. I guess we know more what makes us who we are...
Your words are so thought provoking!
Have a great week!

Colleen said...

I don't mean to be a comment hog but your words also bring to mind something else when you say the bit about have less time to buy...
I always find for myself, I am far LESS selfish when I have less...does that make sense? When I get into the habit of buying and spending, I seem to only want more...and when I step back, "things" seem to loose their hold on me...
You are a wise woman, Alicia.:)

Alicia said...

Colleen I love that you share wholeheartedly it's a blessing, Thank you.
There is something to be said about simplicity, having less, and living by faith. When we are truly thankful for who we have surrounding us, it is truly a gift. It starts from the top though as we receive blessings, we share them too. I find this is different being a parent now, as it was not modeled to me when I was a child. I remember my days here in it's beautiful simplicity, when we are all together spending time making memories in and around our home. I seem to have more to offer, such as time and creativity. Also with small meals when there is little to no variety, each one is received with a lot of thankfulness..