Sunday, November 14, 2010

This blog was an additional blog started for Asher, when he was 6 years old. Though all the answers were asked by family and friends, we did have a few occasional visitors. As his parents we would read the questions and in return type the answers for him. This week we had a fun time to reminisce with Asher, as we all gathered together to go through the one page blog together. It was a hearty laugh and fun to share, now that he is 5 years older.

Asher is 11 on Sunday, and I want to share 11 thoughts for him here:

1. One day you will leave home, explore this world on your own agenda, and I will live vicariously through your adventures. One day you will dream of your life here, lived in the past, and remember the adventures those first 11 years brought to our lives.

2. Today as you dream of your future, with the loves in your life, I see your eyes sparkle with all that it could be.

3. The day you were baptized, I remember your prayer, with tears in your eyes.

4. I adore your hugs, from growing arms that become bigger with each day it seems. As you rise up and grow past my eyes I now need to wait for you to sit so I can smell that ever familiar waft from the top of your head.

5. Your sensitivity speaks volumes to many hearts.

6. Keep pursuing that which you are good at. Rediscover lost arts too. Such as drawing, drumming and guitar. Remember that band of yours that was going to put out an album? Ethan was on keyboards too. Jamming Coconuts!

7. Asher I know you love to draw and the 3D is amazing. Within the many hours that you spend drawing, animating, and writing instructions you encourage your siblings to join in with all those discoveries.

8. Asher you encourage Ethan to continue with his Manga drawing, Kai's space drawings that are promptly folded into spaceships, and Azaelea's attempts at experiencing colours.

9. The fierce approach and determination to standing up for your friends has taken you aback this last year and I see you surrounding yourself with those that have the same views.

10. This last year your soft voice has taken on a new tone. One with more wisdom as the year has passed and we have great questions, answers, and discussions about life. In these discussions we discover misconceptions that peers have led you to believe too. In all this I see your curiosity come alive asking more and more in-depth questions.

11. You are You Asher and I love your sense of humour, and contagious laugh, and when you smile hard enough I see a dimple under your left eye. Looking forward to watching this new year go by full of blessings.

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Happy Birthday!


Cheyenne said...

I miss that kid, I miss that smile...give him a giant hug for me. He is so special.

Colleen said...

What a beautiful post! Your list really touched my heart, I can feel your love for your precious child through it! Happy birthday to Asher, what a handsome guy he is!:)

Grandma K said...

Happy birthday Asher! I thank God for your Mom and Dad who are allowing you to be who you are and encouraging you to explore the world.

Have a great day today with your family!

earthforaliens said...

Happy Birthday Asher. I am so proud of you and I love you. You're a great kid who does great stuff, and soon you'll be a man who does great things. But most of all, you know how to show love - and that is what matters most. I love you!

Kmarie said...

happy Birthday Aher.

And Alicia- what a sweet tribute. Thoughtful and inspiring to your little man.

kimberley said...

what tender emotion. your mama-heart is stunningly beautiful and your young man is blessed to have you guiding him.

Alicia said...

I invited Asher to read his Birthday post, sitting beside me he soaked it all in, and with a little glance over I noticed alligator tears pouring down his face. Without words I held him for a long moment and promised the next post would be a followup so everyone could see that dimple that is part of his whole personality. Thank you for your kind words that both encouraged and blessed him & I.