Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I enjoy taking my children to see where I grew up. Exploring the surrounding waters, walking trails, and mountains. We have spent many hours visiting family, the beach, fruit stands, orchards, and exploring the hills. Sometimes though my heart aches for what they will not have there as children..More time. Because every time we leave it is just an experience, not home. I miss my home town today. The place where I was born and raised. Here where we live is our home now as a family. Instead if our travels capture their memories now, they will have many reasons to keep going back.
Christmas Island captured by this friend

Salmon Arm Wharf


Cheyenne said...

What a gorgeous place for your kids to visit. I bet there are days when you do miss your hometown!

irish coffee and chocolate said...

It is neat for our kids to see where we grew up. Funny thing is, my kids are living in the same town I did:) And their daddy's farm is where we spend a lot of time too. I can see how you would miss the mountains! Glad you got to take them there:)