Wednesday, October 20, 2010

 15 years ago today I met the man who would be my Husband.
It was his Birthday the next day, Oct. 21 and he wanted to invite us all to a fireside party in Three Hills.
I was getting rather familliar with this small town already, our dear friend Ranae lived there and we would visit her amongst other new friends at the Prairie High School.
It was still all new and when I saw him, for an instant, all I could see was his blue eyes lighting up the room.
 I was painfully shy, so very shy that his first impression was of myself~ just a flash of red hair, running away..
Thank you for being part of the soundtrack of my life.
Happy Birthday Daryl


irish coffee and chocolate said...

That's so great!

Kmarie said...

Congrats to a well suited union.
We are better for it!
Happy Birthday D.

just sayin' said...

Yay! true love always finds a way to break down barriers! so happy for the two of you that you found each other.