Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friends & Followings

The boys come home often from school with wild stories about how they are going to travel to far off places and bring back treasures. 
~They are going to do this when they are older and have lots more poles to build rafts out of. 
But first they need to go recycle bottles and plastics to help save up for their green fuel.~
It always strikes me how nostalgic this feels for me.  

Fortunately the clubhouse is in our backyard, and the trampoline launches each child into a universe of imagination.
Just in case they read this in 10 years, 'less or more' here's to you Brothers, following your friends, 
Thank you for sharing through your eyes a tremendous creativity that speaks volumes! 
This much I know for certain, the years sure fly by too fast!


Kmarie said...

Aww they look so cute! They do fly by! Sigh.

irish coffee and chocolate said...

Wow do you really have a clubhouse in your yard? That's so great! Your kids use their imaginations a lot and I like that...I feel like mine aren't so much these days.:(