Tuesday, October 19, 2010


For this one moment I need you near, in this moment please pray for me.

I feel the waves wash over me when ever the tears well up.

When all I can ask is why.

This moment you are seeing me, deeper.

Where my heart lies.

This moment I need a peace that will blanket me with the comfort of hope..

Poetry paints an image of tears falling free spilling over like leaves in the autumn season.

Inside I am renewing, and waiting, being apart of me in this moment.

Colors flare as the ground rests, lay my burdens down.

A moment, then forever when we touch the lives of those we hold dear .


Kmarie said...

I thought poetry might live in you. Emotionally charges piece of prose. I hope you find the grounds to lay your burdens down.

Kmarie said...

I meant chargeD :)

just sayin' said...