Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Giveaway

In the true nature of bringing in the harvest.
Of having a festive Thanksgiving meal,with Family and Friends.
"I want to share a giveaway."
During our time this summer with a local CSA I had the chance to also purchase wool. The fleecy sheep that run around in the fields are very well taken care of and free range.
The shorn fleece is then taken to an antique woolen mill, where it is washed & carded.
The fantastic lopi that I have in abundance has been part of our Thanksgiving feast this weekend as I am now done knitting a sweater..again.

Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving moments. :)
-I left an announcement in the comments of this post.


kimberley said...

hearing my thanksgiving fowl crackling away in the oven as the whole house anticipated our guests. thankful for friends and for good food and moments of reprieve in the midst of pain.

thankful too for the chance to win a handmade sweater:)

Kmarie said...

Thanks for the beautiful day and the meal. I found the quirky choice inspiring. Pizza for thanksgiving was perfect:)
So thursday 1:30 my house?

Oh and since I have a beautiful sweater from you I want to withdraw from that part and let someone like the elusive and beautiful Kimberley...to have that privilege. Just wanted to say I was thankful for you.
Love ya!

Grandma K said...

Whoever receives a sweater from you will be hugged each time she wears it! What a great experience....

As a child I remember Thanksgiving day being the day to dig and pick the potatoes for winter. Now many years have passed so it may have only happened once :) but in my mind that was 'thanksgiving'. It was not an especially great memory!

In our 'other life' as a farm family Thanksgiving was a special time at the church with services twice on sunday and twice on monday with a huge meal packed between the services on monday.

Mixed emotions regarding those memories......

SadieAnne said...

The sound of my children laughing and playing w/ their friends while we distractedly attempted to visit w/ our friends!

irish coffee and chocolate said...

My son sick but thankfully not in the night, my hubby was gone but thankful that he's harvesting, the next day at my parents and seeing my nephews who I don't see enough of....ok it was a weird Thanksgiving but it wasn't bad:)

Red said...

In response to all the lovely comments:

1. First giveaway will be for the first comment. Kimberley. I simply look forward to handing this gift to you.

2. Kmarie I am thinking of you, love your friendship and need to give another hug.

3. Dear GrandmaK such rich memories, thankful for more than words can say.

4. & 5. Sadie & IrishC I knit a neck sweater hug wrap for each of you!

kimberley said...

i simply can not *wait* to give you a big ol' hug on tuesday. seriously. i feel like i've already known you for years and years.