Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Reflections of Thankfulness

Sometimes there is a grand adventure. Sometimes I just want to escape, to the great outdoors. hike in the mountains, camp in the trees, walk barefoot on the moss and lie down to look up to see the sky peeping out between the forest of treetops.


Sometimes when the night is quiet and there is a coffee in reach, while the quiet mounts and I feel a sigh of relaxing escape my body, I am thankful that it is late, there are no restraints and I can write, or knit or stretch for no reason.

When all that is building in my mind and soul finds its way to the top with no words to describe it, sometimes the hurt and the anger emerge. and I ask Why was I created.

I am thankful for the answers that whisper softly in my ears.
~I love you child and you are precious to me. The dear heart I have knit together is full of kindness and grace, you're

gentle and fierce. I love everything about you no matter how you say, Why am I here, why did you make me this way. Always know that I knew you through every minute of your life and you are welcome to ask why.

This year I counted some blessings too.

47 balls of yarn.
106 sets of needles and crochet hooks inherited from my Grandmother.
22 boxes left to unpack.
Photography & arts.
4 children & 2 parents that are happy to call this new town, and new home. Home.
5 weeks of falling leaves.
1 Husband who is following a dream come true.
15 eggs provided in a timely situation.
1 Kai build.
2 Asher portfolios.
1 Azaelea that dances for any song.
1 quizzical Ethan that loves numbers as much as his Mom.
4 boxes of art supplies.
5 beds for our family to sleep on.
10 blogs that I read regularly.


Kmarie said...

I love the numbers...I would never think to count that. But it makes it so much more insightful.
1 friend who is introspective and deep. Many attributes that make u you. All that is you equalling one contagious friendship.

kimberley said...

oh my. this is a glorious post. love, love, love everything about it. love everything i'm learning about you. you are beautiful and your writing explodes with it.

Grandma K said...

Thank you.

You understand the words not written......