Saturday, October 02, 2010

A Little Time to Knit

Thank you Christine,
for capturing my love for knitting as I finished this sweater.

Thank you Friends,
who travel this journal with me.
Truly you are an encouragement.

Thank you Karin,
who has been reading from the beginning.
I have spent time reading and listening to all the responses,
not always with my eyes, also with my heart.
I hope that you know that your words are peaceful,
uplifting, joyful. I see your heart when you share.


Cheyenne said...

You are so beautiful!

irish coffee and chocolate said...

I thought "what?" when you said 'thank you Christine'
:) ha, I'm easily confused.
very pretty!

Grandma K said...

Cheyenne put words to my thoughts.... you are so beautiful. Beautiful heart too!

Mulberry Manor said...

Thank you Alicia - your gift means so much to me. The least I can do is capture the moment. I admire your your family and to your knitting. And also to your friends, old and new.

kimberley said...

you are stunningly beautiful. can't wait to sit down with you next week and talk...