Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30: Three wonderful things that happened this month.


Dear Missy,
I have had 4 balls of yarn that You handed me on the last day in the Hills before venturing to the other side of our Country. If I may admit that the spontaneity did not take effect again until this last month. But I remembered watching the girls play in their tunics and had thoughts about knitting up something cozy again..for 3 dear friends of yours.
This little green ball knit a cowl, for Karyn.
& This little cream ball knit a gift for Gianna.

While these 2 green rovings of yarn rolled all the way into a beautiful sweater for Sadie.
They were given along with an explanation that you-Missy, passed them along. I am happy that your lovely friends can wear them now.
Love Alicia


A tea party, hosted by the wonderful, Sheila. Which in turn led to numerous connections we have together in this very small world.

The Tea House became a home away from ours. A place to spend precious moments with Karyn. All the while enjoying tea, savory meals, knitting for hours & visiting with friends.


The moment I realized that this stored up energy can be released with gusto.
for myself
for family
for friends.

A call for community was understood clearly, & we joined in an American Thanksgiving potluck feast.

{30 Days Hath November.
Thank you, for following along.}

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November


The Tea Bag said...

I have loved following! Thanks you for the surreptitious beauty that has been knit throughout the posts, the patterns that have emerged, the detail and the deliberate holding back. My appreciation for you has grown by leaps and bounds.

Much love. xo

Marissa said...

Thank you my dear friend, for sharing my gift with others and for letting me take part. I am blessed

Yesterday I went to pick up a sheep skin for the baby at this place
and thought of you so many times as I looked at all the beautiful yarns. It is a lovely place, so calming and peaceful and so full of light and life, so like you.

Sheila said...

You make me smile. Thank you for sharing this month of November with me...getting to know the fabulous YOU just a little bit more. I look forward to many more insights along our journey together as friends and sisters!! <3

Grandma K said...

you have delighted my heart, again......