Friday, November 04, 2011

Day 4: A friend who I adore.

Tonight again I watch the western skies. The wind blowing sweet wishes of peace & well being to my friend, whom I adore. Holly.

She is part of memories that dance through my mind often daily.
Children lost in daydreaming about tomorrow, inside jokes, & endless adventures.

I think of her a lot & have wanted to write more, but am overwhelmed sometimes by feelings of.. how could I express the impact of our friendship?

The years are slowly floating by again in wait. She has held each one of our children, rocked them, loved them & invited us to grow within her family.. & I still wait to meet her two little girls.

When we were little & both had matching pigtails, I needed to know that her family was close. The months of each year where I would try to tell her my secrets, the only ways a little girl knew how, left me aching from the truth.

She was the only friend who witnessed my terror.
Read my eyes that urged her to.. run!
& she was the only one who could run home to the safety of her own home, to her parents.

When the heartbreak of losing all of my hair to a bowl cut happened, she would give me her favorite doll to hold, while I sobbed.
& then hold my hand and gently encourage me, "give it time, your hair will grow back."

The snow falls gently, watching the tender flakes, each unique in their intricate designs.
I breathe softly, memories of her.

She knocked on my door ever so timidly, all those (28 years) ago. The days were cold, brisk & I could barely feel my fingers or face as we struggled to pile wood, providing the only warmth of a child's version-prehistoric house.

"Do you want some hot chocolate?" Holly would ask.
"Yes Please!" My Sister & I would reply in unison.

I could feel her watching us as we piled that wood for hours after school, & all I wanted to do was play with dolls or hear stories read by her mom. If we were quiet as mice her Dad would let us tiptoe around the store & watch as customers came in for building supplies & rentals.

Dear Holly,
You have inspired me over the years with your gifts.
Memories of you remind me of this life that I live in the here and now,
how far I have come.
I love you.

♥ Alicia

So Fawned :: 30 Days Hath November


Kmarie said...

This made me cry. Beautiful.

Sheila said...

sigh... a beautiful tribute to someone I never knew but now wish I did

wil said...

How can word even express how grateful I am for Holly in your life? What a dear friend... I miss Holly too... It's been too long.