Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10: What I love about my job.

{A view from here}

Today I am..

:: marveling at a welcomed Chinook. The sun shining, & the wind blowing.

:: laughing at the daily quirks about *my job*.

:: overwhelmed, just a little bit, at the sudden mountain of snow gear this week-for six, at my back door.

:: pleasantly surprised by how perfect new knitted gifts are for my friends.

:: wondering what project to finish, next.

:: grateful for long naps, quiet hours to finish tasks, warmer days & moments to sip coffee.

:: hearing that a big Birthday is right around the corner. I cannot believe 12 years have flown by.

:: going to do my very best to resist more Birthday cupcakes this weekend.

:: planning more balanced meals for the week.

:: enjoying all the mentions of slow cooker breakfasts. For those cozy early mornings.

:: knitting, planning events, paying bills, shopping for holiday outfits all while I sit over quiet time with her, and listen to humming & small singing.

:: listening to Mylo Xyloto, Frou Frou, Delirium, & Sarah.

:: saying goodbye to Fall from the view of my drivers seat. Road trip.

:: being rushed by new projects, big and small.

:: happy to be more spontaneous, these days.

:: waiting for a delicious meal to come out of the oven.

:: being inspired to go out for a haircut.

:: wishing you all a wonderful long weekend.


Sheila said...

I love your job - a most noble calling! Enjoy your career of influencing little lives to do great things!

Grandma K said...

Yikes my Grandma life is quiet!

But watching two families of grandchildren on the weekend reminded me of days-gone-by and also gives full respect for you and all those who are in the midst of parenting those under 18!

Your commitment to your family, your joy in your life shows through your writings and in your photography.

wil said...

Slow cooker breakfast?! Do tell :)

beth@redandhoney said...

love this post! :):):)

just sayin' said...

yes do tell of the slowcooker breakfast! lol Loving the posts!

Kmarie said...

Beautiful. Hope we find a spontaneous moment in the future...if not the comfort in the being is still a wondrous thing.

The Tea Bag said...

I LOVE how you do your job! As I have mentioned to you before, when your brood comes into the TH, it is an unfailing delight: they are all polite, quiet, they get along with each other, they have fun, they are grateful - in short, they are the kids I dreamed about having visit me when I was dreaming about my future tea house! And it's because you and that wonderful Wil of yours take your jobs so seriously and respect and love your children so clearly ... What higher calling could anyone have?