Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 25: The contents of my bag.

I mentioned the contents of my favorite mini bag are constantly changing. Today you would find all this contained as we headed out for a daily walk.

- 2 cup sleeves for hot or cold drinks.
- comb, hair elastic & hairpins
- 2 bracelets & 2 earrings
- 2 pairs of extra polkadot underwear for 2 girls :)
- iPhone
- hand sanitizer
- 10 fiddly doodads for eager hands.
- loose change, bills,
& cardholder (not pictured)
- 2 nail clippers
- 2 lip balms
- keys

This is the miniature version, when I am alone with all 4 children, we all pack our own bags for outings. Mine just holds the tried & true little needs for the day.

What's in your bag?

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November


Kmarie said...

A wallet. I am very underprepared. Thus why I make friends like you:)
Thanks for the chat- it was nice to see you again:)

Sheila said...

I laughed at the polka dots! Life of a Mommy! Cool to see that the contents of our purse change with our stations in life :)