Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

On this day 5 years ago..
5 candles burned as our voices sang :: off key.

The candles on the ice cream cake sank in
& we all waited with bated breath.

You made a wish for a baby sister.
"I know my wish will come true."

How I wish { just this once } the sands of time would slow..

This year your wish:
Ultimate FX Lightsaber.


Your double digits are something worth the fist pumps
ninja moves & intellectual conversations with Italian soda.

Counting down these next 365.5 days to your favorite day of the year.

Love you.
Ethan Alex.

Happy Birthday.

Location:January 23, 2012


Cheyenne said...

Ethan, we love you too! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

The Tea Bag said...

Happy birthday, Ethan - it is a privilege to know you.