Monday, January 02, 2012

beginning 2012

The year begins, and something feels renewed.

A memory of the last year with all the triumphs & losses. Life & laughter.
One memory after another. Thankful posts, counting blessings.

I learned that to believe I can let go will be easier than hanging on.

I let go of my feelings of inadequacy to believe that everything will be ok in the end. It isn't the end yet.

But that strength is there, as wind to my back.

Gaining momentum throughout the whole year.
I'm looking forwards to what the next 364 days have.

Last year I started:

walking, yoga, eating more simply, losing weight
& taking better care of myself.

Now I will run. Make an impact. Change.

A quiet beauty in my week is a group of Wednesdays that welcomed me in the times when I felt lost. As a natural introvert who craves alone time.

Praying, eating, reading, fellowship & empathy. So thankful.

I'm looking forward to solo road trips & flights.
But most of all running a race start to finish.

Because truly I would still claim alone time is necessary for me, often.

Happy New Year!
It feels larger than life!

**one more note:

{Friends, please pray alongside us for Azaelea this week. She will undergo surgery Thursday, to correct her kidney reflux.}


Kmarie said...

My prayers are with you guys...

just sayin' said...

Love to you in the coming year! And also to your entire family! Love you guys! Praying for Zae. We would like a call the moment you're home!

The Tea Bag said...

I'm with you on the "alone time". One of the great gifts to me this year is that you could come sit with me and we could each be "alone" together in the same room!

Praying for Azaelea and for all of you in 2012. Run your race! Much love.

Sheila said...

nice fresh start words! I will be adding my prayers in the chorus on Thursday for Z. Love to you all!

Grandma K said...

praying too!

Great pictures of the family!

Anonymous said...

I will pray - Lexie had that same surgery - I remember how scary it was even though everyone said it was no big deal - she pulled through just fine - you and yours will for sure be in our prayers! PS I love this post - as always beautiful!!!

Bobbi said...

Praying for sure, lovely post:)

Cheyenne said...

I am praying for Zae and for you, sweet mama, there is nothing harder than watching your babes in a tiny striped hospital gown. You are a great mom and I`ll be so grateful when this problem has been taken care of.

Alicia said...

We're home & she is as vibrant as ever.
Azaelea wowed the staff with her brave entrance
to it all, & with a big smile.
All your prayers were felt so strong throughout today and all week. The resounding yes! through comments here, emails, texts, phone calls & social media has both been an encouraging peace for us and a grand blessing.
Thank you truly!