Sunday, October 02, 2011

What if..

I had a nightmare once that I woke up with only my supper from the night before.
Sitting at the table staring at day old perogies, with nothing to be thankful for now..
What if I woke up without the children I have watched grow every day, some hours feeling like eternity.
Without the husband, who is a strong devoted, faithful father. Who I argue with sometimes.
Without the house, with the comfy furniture.
& the table that occasionally has a meal that almost everyone would rather not eat.
Without the bed that I have tossed & turned in and sometimes curse at how uncomfortable the pillow is, or loud the snoring is.
Without the mounds of food waiting for me to cook, even when I second guess my abilities.
There are more than a million things, or acts we can be thankful for.
When our neighbors are waking up from earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, floods: They are praising the Lord for life.
Soldiers are not returning, leaving hearts aching.
Children are being stolen, tearing apart the consciousness & causing insanity that no parent should ever have to fathom.
Homes are being repossessed, leaving families homeless. Domestic violence is continuing, creating memories that torment children for a lifetime.
Stories being told of hidden lives, burning histories & daily grace.
What if we just woke up everyday..


Kmarie said...

That's beautiful Alicia. Whenever you post these you add to the life of others with your differing perspectives. A good reminder on gratitude. We need your voice here:)

just sayin' said...

It's work. EVERY DAY it's work!!!! We are only human. you are a good example of the work that needs to be done! love you!

A Prairie Girl in California said...

what a beautiful post and a great reminder!! Thanx!!

dea said...

Thank you.
Such a perfect reminder. Brutal challenge. Necessary words.

You're so beautiful....

Sheila said...

amen and amen

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this!!!! I am going to have to find someone artsy to paint this saying on something for me so I can hang it in my house! Thanks!