Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Celebrating 60

I watch the way you greet us, with hands out to embrace us. I have done this for years and always smile in my memory.

Our relationship: between You and I, over the last years, has worn in like lessons learned well, shoes walked miles in. What I have not said in more ways than 1 is:

Thank you for being my Dad.

You smile as the children run into the corners of your home, yard, & space. All the while they're trying still to make you laugh or show you proudly something they have created.
Thank you for always letting them, it

Speaks volumes to my soul.

I remember the first time we met in Chinook mall.
Too shy, happy & nervous, that here Daryl's family was all together, & I got to be a part of the festivities.

A Father you have been to my
Heart since that very day.
All families have Stories.
For some, such as myself, they carry truckloads of baggage.
I am sorry for my part in not sharing more about my life & I hope that this keeps paving ahead, as I become braver.

Thank you for helping to make the journey home shorter, & lighter. Loving wholeheartedly when it was time to celebrate our marriage. & the wisdom, courage and heaps of love you now share with (y)our (grand)children.
Happy Birthday, Celebrating 60 years!!

I love you, Dad.



SadieAnne said...

beautiful tribute, Alicia.

Cheyenne said...

Alicia, this is so touching.

Kmarie said...

Love the touching insight:)

Anonymous said...


The Tea Bag said...

Tears ... Happy birthday, Phil!

Grandma K said...

I agree with SadieAnne.... beautiful tribute! I have no doubt that your 'dad' is honoured