Sunday, October 16, 2011

Creating a habit

I unravel sweaters to re-knit almost every time. Notes aside, if the sweater is not perfect, I start all over again.

It is an artful expression from deep within. Taking time for every little stitch, to be well thought through & presented with ease.

When my Grandma first showed
me how to hold the needles, we
would sit across from each other. Her right hand strong, my lefthand dominating.
To knit one scarf: Took over 7 years. & then over again as I tried to learn the
Art well.

As we waited by Grandma's side those last days of her full life, I would knit..for hours. Though she was right there & I by the bedside. The knitting brought those last hours of
Peace within our time.
Around & around we turn the full cycle, merry go round in life. No one knows how the inner workings of a brain works but as I found out today: being an ISFP personality suits these aspects just as a fine tuned piano.

Over the next weeks I am inviting Daryl to join me, to accompany my words with his own music. We will start on his Birthday. October 21. The day we met 16 years ago.
I am honored that he will be here in this space with me. If you know him, this expression is as much kept to the private inner workings of his life as the music that flows through to compose his Own piece.
The idea for this season is a reflection of


just sayin' said...

amazing to read. that website explains you to a T! how do I find out what I am??? I love your knitting, Daryl's music and I love your family!!!! thank you for sharing all that is you!

Alicia said...

Take this personality test:

love you. ♥

Grandma K said...

I look forward to the 'sharing' with Daryl. Keep writing and knitting.
Although I don't knit I think I have an idea of the joy, the satisfaction of creating. As for unraveling..... when I did try knitting Ron would comment that I really got my money's worth out of the yarn because I knit it so many times!
There is something so special about carrying on what your Grandma taught you. I am sure she was so very proud of you and not just for your knitting,
Hugs for the day.....

Alicia said...

Grandma K thank you for the hugs ♥
We are on the way to Children's Hospital for Azaelea, today.

Marissa said...

It warms my heart to see a picture of the sweater that I know you made with love for me! And I smile every time I see Aneliese wearing her little purple sweater vest lately as the weather gets cooler. I love Daryl's music and I love you. Missing you today and our quiet conversations.

redandhoney said...

can't wait.

i love you and your isfp-ness ;)

Alicia said...

Of all the patterns posted here: all 4 of you above, were on my mind through the process. A lot. Knitting, unravelling, finishing..

I miss you, Marissa. One day another knit will be on the way, with love. 

red you are inspiration with the intriguing & lovely intp.