Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This week we celebrated the littlest lady and our First Born Son.

2 years have flown by faster than his first decade I must say!
10 & 2 Whew, I can't imagine yet, but one day I will be  watching them leave home....
To listen to their future dreams and introduce us to their own new loves.
Then one day maybe only 10 years from now we will hear about travelling and their parents can live vicariously through them.
Will the second decade of parenting go by faster? How will I ever remember all the sweet details that show up in our daily lives. How will I remember their quirks that hung on for so long.
Asher had an army crawl that was so fun to watch and he would always do the splits, swirl his legs behind him and then take off on his elbows propelling him so fast.
Azaelea danced her way to 22 months, bopping her bum up and down but no walking
until one day....
Then there is our other 2 that make up 4 amazing children,
Ethan had this amazing smile that would spread from ear to ear if Coldplay was playing and he adored having a baby doll to carry around cradled in his one arm...
Kai will still put a cape on and build the largest forts and he is one that has always tried to figure out how things work, by first taking it apart.
Day to Day in all its adventures is one day only going to be loving memories, sigh.


Grandma K said...

I was always a little frustrated 'way back when....' if others said to me "enjoy them, the time goes so fast". It seemed the time went so slowly when all I did was take care of toddlers and babies. And not all of that was enjoyable!

By the sounds of your post, you are having a time of feeling like the time is going 'so fast'! And it also sounds like you are enjoying it!

When the 'not-so-enjoyable' moments come you will look back and remember....

Thanks for the update....

Any other news in your lives???

Lola said...

It's hard for me to believe Anna Kate will be 10 someday. Incredible. You have a lovely family.

Oh, and I was backreading and we have the movie Charlotte's web with Dakota Fanning if you ever want to borrow it. It's one of Anna kate's fave's.