Friday, October 30, 2009

October (part deux)

This has been a productive month with projects
well on the way and some even getting finished.

Kai has asked me so intently,
"mom can you knit me a cape, if you have time?"
So we picked up some camoflauge yarn and have
had fun designing one together
it should be done next week at least he would love if it was.
Pictured on this post are 2 favourite hats that I shared the patterns
for in a previous blog. Pixie & boyfriend.

Tomorrow instead of worrying about too much sugar
and hand sanitizing this year, we have chosen to celebrate
a Birthday with a friend who was born on Hallowe'en.
It was very touching when we (the parents) posed the
question to our children.
They all had a chance to answer and they all really wanted to
go on a 'trip' to see friends in Edmonton.
Looking forward to visiting around a fire
and spending time enjoying the company.
I do miss those fun Hallowe'en traditions growing up
of skipping around the neighbourhood trick or treating,
bobbing for apples, hay rides,
pumpkin carving and pies.
Happy Hallowe'en!!

~A question to my knitting friends, I would like to
successfully learn how to half brioche stitch and
get lost after the first row. please help!

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Tara said...

I cant wait to see mine :-)